About this Blog

The ins and out of all things of Apostolic Culture. Sometimes serious, sometimes sardonic. You can e-mail suggestions/words of affirmation/words of disgust here to the facilitator of this site's blogging shenanigans

Our purpose: To remember to take a moment and laugh at ourselves as Apostolics. And occasionally reflect on our worldview and it's implications through a pointless rambling of sorts.

The humor and more serious reflections alike are meant to be a guide towards the ultimate purpose of "the apocalyptic" which in short seeks a "revelation" that "maximizes the reality of human suffering and folly before daring a word of hope." To read more about the apocalyptic, be sure to visit that page (here).

How we do it: By figuring out commonalities amongst our unique culture that we have constructed over the generations and commenting on them with an appeal to comedy. Much of these topics are recommended by the readers themselves. Just shoot an e-mail over to me at the e-mail address above.

Why You May Love it: Because it's our story as apostolics. And it's a story that most non-Apostolics cannot relate to. So it's always nice to find some validation that you are not entirely alone in your experience. As apostolics we are a different crowd. A strange people. But remarkably beautiful in our strangeness. Essentially we are commenting on the many nuances that is birthed in this "beautiful strangeness" that we create as a community of Apostolics.

Why You May Hate It: It can overgeneralize at times. While there is much similarity between us, not every experience is the same. So naturally, some people in a different part of the galaxy will read the blog and have no clue what is being referenced. At the same token, some of the topics may hit way too close to home, but considering there are over 100 blog posts now, it is inevitable that some topic will seem to be directed directly at you. Trust us though, it's nothing personal.

Also there is a kind of satirical tone on this website that some people will not be comfortable with. Further some of the topics addressed may be considered too "sacred" to be discussed. I apologize for this discomfort, but the moment we cannot discuss something because of it's sacredness is the day we go way of the antiquated religions of the past whose contents are not up for discussion, and thusly such religions have sealed their fate to the grave.

Who We Are: First off, we are not "emergent." Secondly we are all apostolic.

There are several of us (were?). Each from a different corner of the universe and thusly can provide a unique perspective separate from the other.

The creator of this site Joel Riley has his Master's in Theological Studies from the Urshan Graduate School of Theology . However, the views expressed here are in no way the views of that institution, nor have they been learned there. To be precise Joel Riley is a cranky old man in younger skin. UGST is a divine institution and all the positive implications that truth should entail are accurate. Joel's favorite hobbies include suduku and getting antsy about the culture of Political Correctness.1

Glen McGee is also a frequent poster. While he may speak the Truth, let it be known that he is a heathen as he works in the film industry AKA Hollywood AKA the Devil's territory. And even though he's helped to develop a multiplicity of films we have all seen, he doesn't hold it over anyone's head. Also he's an authority on mattresses: Normal, bunk bed, water, or blow-up mattresses. He's the Tom Ford/Gordan Ramsey/Simon Cowell of mattresses. And until he's given the mattress reality show we all need,  you can get a non-sponsored, unbiased mattress opinion free of charge. Consult him here before it's too late. 

1 For those of us that grew up in church, there were buzz words that "outed you" as a hippy-charismatic-liberal-emergent-commie charlatan  (e.g. "authentic," "community,")...So yeah, we grew up in a McCarthyesque age for Apostolics to put the fear of God into any potential detractors who happened upon the latest Rob Bell book and thought he had good points. Now a days, the UPC pales in comparison to the Internet age of McCarthyesque bullying, and I got the whole set of 'gee willy's' and 'oh golly's' and 'oh boys' about the tyranny of majority online: Where the place for free speech (the Internet) becomes more oppressed than any Apostolic church or life itself