Comment Policy

1. Ad hominem attacks against the bloggers, other commenters, or specific people will not be tolerated. Ad hominem meaning that instead of discussing the arguments that are presented, one makes personal attacks at the character or history of the one making a comment as if this lessens the impact of the argument. If a Dog came up with Einstein's theory of relativity, then reminding that dog that he is a dog does not take away from the wonderful theory that invented. 

2. Comments problematically unrelated to the subject at hand will not be tolerated.

3. As the creator and main facilitator of the site, I reserve the right to delete any comments I deem inappropriate (although this will be very rare).

4. To leave a comment one must have a google account which can be obtained in less than two minutes by clicking here. This was not the policy in the past, but because of some very nasty comments from an anonymous blogger or two, we have decided to make a few changes. While the discussion will be less, it is a regrettable necessity to keep things sanitary. 
5. Harassment or repeated violation of the comment policy will result in the blocking of your google account from commenting on the blog.