Friday, January 29, 2010

#117-Comparing Offering to Money Spent at Starbucks

On my way into class today I heard a commercial advertising life insurance that stated “For the price of a drive through value meal you can insure your life, the well being of your children, and whoever your wife decides to marry after you!”…or something along those lines.

When I heard this I was reminded of the offerings taken up at so many camps and HYC’s I grew up attending. When I was younger the appeal was “After church you’re gonna go to Mickey-D’s (early attempt at relevancy), and you’re gonna spend $5 on a McRib value meal! Well young people (*cringe*), if you have $5 for a McRib then you should have $5 for McJesus! Can I get an amen?!”

And then we advanced to “Students, how many of you enjoy Starbucks?” (At which point we usually slouch down, knowing where this is going) “How many of you enjoy a Vent-ay coffee from Starrrbucks??” (another attempt at relevance) “Well young people, My wife loves Starbucks, and one day I was with her when she ordered. Now, she said some Italian thing, and I didn’t even know my wife spoke Italian, and the guy came to the register and said ‘That’ll be $5.15’, and young people, the Holy Ghost shot up one side and down the other side and I thought to myself If these young people can spend $5 on a coffee drink, they can spend $5 on Jesus! Whoo! Shouldaboughtahonda! Whoo!”

At which point the crowd meets the offering taker with applause and an offering is taken up, where we still put in a dollar despite the plea that just went forth.

Maybe we could come up with suggestions on what to compare an offering to, because Starbucks and Applebee’s just isn’t working.

iTunes downloads? Bowtie purchases? Tanning memberships?


  1. I love how they try to guilt trip us into giving money.I mean I personally give tithes and offerings to my local church which in turn I believe some of that makes it into the UPC general fund. Also shouldn't we want to give out of desire and not out of shame? Isn't that what Paul told Corinthians, that we should want to give? I think though that I will stop bringing money to the youth rally's so that when the offering is announced I can honestly say that I have none

  2. It has always been my opinion that churches should be looking to outside sources for money as much as possible. Meaning set up some kind of work projects to support things they need to raise money for. Make an Apo coffee shop and then the folks that drink coffee at Starbucks can go there, and so will some folks from the community possibly. Then the profit instead of going to personal owners can go to the church which has invested its money into a business.

    I mean, how long do we plan to take from Peter to give to Paul? The church in general can only have so much money. Maybe more pastors with smaller churches can get a job to lighten the load on members? I know the coffee shop idea is maybe far fetched due to the sheer amount of businesses in the field already, but why not a Gym for instance? A church gym with either half equipment for men and women, or separate times for each sex to work out (this will prevent any argument against folks seeing opposite sex with workout clothes on). For one, this would encourage the going out to eat every Wed and Sun night Apo to get to the gym. And the money that those who already go spend could go back to the church perhaps instead of "outsourcing" that business to secular companies.

    I really just think that it is time the church in general looked outside of the church for funding. Either we have all things in common, or we give what we DESIRE to give and our tithes and be done with it. Use the world's money to pay for the church operations as much as possible through sound business decisions. See New Zion Mission Baptist Church in Huntsville, TX.

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  4. To Anon- Uh...WOW!!! Thats like A LOT of trouble to go through, to NOT, have to give!
    As my pastor says, God loveth a Cheerful giver, and if your using not being cheerful, that as an excuse NOT to give; GET A NEW ATTITUDE! Not that, I am saying that to you specifically, but sometimes, I have to pray for God to give me a giving spirit!!! :)

  5. 2 Hour Offerings at Conferences #superepicfail

  6. I just died laughing