Monday, June 7, 2010

Dirty Laundry and other things that need to be discussed if we plan on not destroying the world

Hey, guys if you get bored of the video here is the bottom line:

1. You will need to have a google ID to leave a comment. This means an end to anonymous comments. I am hoping our inference and reasoning skills make this painfully obvious why we are doing such things.

If you don't have a google account (if you have a blogspot or gmail account, you are good to go), you can make one here by clicking this link (it will literally take you two seconds).

New Comment Policy coming soon.

Here is the unofficial one (courtesy of Chantell):

1. Ad hominem attacks against the bloggers, other commenters, specific people or institutions will not be tolerated.

2. Comments problematically unrelated to the subject at hand will not be tolerated.

3. As the creator and main facilitator of the site, I reserve the right to delete any comments you deem inappropriate (although this will be very rare especially considering the new changes).

4. Harassment or repeated violation of the comment policy will result in the blocking of your google account from commenting on the blog.

Posts in the next two weeks may be few.


Please check in below! For the sake of hope that this works, just leave a comment under your google account name....Pretty please?....


  1. Sounds like a good policy change. Though it'll take away from some of the drama which honestly was kinda fun to read sometimes. :)

  2. I feel the Holy Ghost up in here ....

    Makes me want to shout ... like this man.

  3. No more hiding behind anonymity; this place just got a whole lot more boring. Regardless, keep up the good work Joel!

  4. C'mon, Justin .... I know Joel and the gang are trying to keep a modicum of civility and decorum ....

    I support the "roach fogger" option

  5. So let me get this new policy, correct ... Specific ad hominems towards individuals and institutions (including Al Quaeda) are no longer permissable - but, IN GENERAL, many of the judaizing, white-washed sepulchre toting, brood of vipers within the movement remain fair game? I am sure some of these lily-livered, podunk seminarians might still log on under a pseudonym

  6. Dan, such actions would be unethical and unchristian like.

  7. @Justin I don't know... Jesus saved some of his choicest words for the religious. The parables were not heart-warming assurances. Quite often they forcefully confronted the religious, which provoked the animosity. Oddly, the religious stayed away, or came around looking for a fight, but the screwed up folks, Jesus couldn't keep them away. They were attracted to him for some reason.

  8. Daniel,

    Yeah that wording "institutions" was probably the one word that caused hesitancy and will most likely be changed or just deleted from the official comment policy when written. If my assumptions are correct, that word was used by Chantell more in response to one of the anons chastising UGST.

    But as for the brood of vipers....I anticipate those simply logging on and leaving comments once again. But they must learn to use their vulgar rhetoric with a bit of discernment as to not make it personal. As much as you and I both don't like their rhetoric, i'm not going to silence their voice. Besides, there have been several admittedly conservative commenters on the blog say how frustrated they were with their fellow conservatives and their choice rhetoric. So in this regards, using such venom is only poisoning themselves.

  9. I just read post #161 and the comments attached-requiring an account seems to have worked. I'm glad you made this change.