Friday, May 4, 2012

#247-Daddy's Network

(Done in stream of consciousness on the fly, just because....overthinking causes long posts which....totally boring...)

Speaking of networking... I was reminded of a hypothesis that is no way true of every young minister/pastor, but seems to be the going way of things in the UPC... but the young youth pastors/evangelists asked to speak the most often at camps/conventions/conferences are the one's most networked through their father or father-in-law. Which, is yeah, obvious.

Nothing new right? Except most of the time these guys are just bad speakers. Flat out dull, banal, formulaic or obviously "acting the part of what an evangelist should sound like." And yet these cats keep getting asked to preach year in and year out at the best conferences and I can't fig it.... because I know there are plenty of less connected preachers who maybe don't dress as snazzy as the Fortunate Sons but are way more informed about good Exegesis and are more caring about their audience, and also, yeah way better preachers too.... something's gotta change.... Not that I really care because preaching's not my gig,.... but I write this for the sake of getting my other peers who are way better speakers to get a little more dollar in their wallet and a little more exposure. Ya hear me?

Consult your local politicians tell them to vote no on November's ballot to let Pastor's sons and son-in-laws to free reign on the big time pulpit stage. Tell them your sick of it and your bored of altar calls that don't really make you feel much of God or anything else for that matter. Your voice matters.

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  1. The problem with your scenario (which I don't disagree with) is that (my perception is) the majority of people out there aren't interested in good preaching. They aren't interested in hearing something that is going to make them think or grow. They just wanna shout... shake the shackles off... cut a rug... whatev... smh