Wednesday, February 19, 2014

SAL Podcast, Episode 2: Apostolic Preacher Shenanigans

There was once was a dude who was a real buzzkill at parties that would rock a mustache that looked like a Swiffer Duster® after a haggard trip through a really old Victorian house.  He once said after a couple rounds of scotch and maybe a few episodes of Two and a Half Men, 'When you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.' 

That makes us here at SAL ponder what stares back at preachers when they stand nervously on the pulpit spitting lines into the abyss while dressed to the nines.  Especially on the rare circumstance there's a black knight in the crowd who just doesn't get with the program. (Tis but a scratch!)

Instead of sending a couple fish to their door via FedEx, in this week's podcast we reminisce on some good ol' shenanigans preachers dabbled in while also coming to the realization of our own regret at not pursuing it as a profession ourselves.

Joel and Logan originally meant to talk about Mr. Magoo and other cartoon characters they enjoy watching on Saturday who also preach on Sunday.  However, like all great fast food restaurant openings in the middle of the ghetto, we were sidetracked at first by cleaning up the welcoming graffiti and quarantining our bathroom after some middle school gang children performed an upper decker. In sum: We're talking preachers and naming names.

On Monday we'll post our third podcast: "Apostolic Preacher Shenanigans 2.0: Jeff Arnold Tribute edition." Which, is exactly like it sounds.


  1. Can we just have an episode of Logan doing impressions of people he knows because anyone who can do quality impressions like that is like the choir member that can do the vocal gymnastics who always gets the mic passed to them. We all want to hear that person.

    Joel is funny too.

  2. I listened to this a few days ago and never got around to commenting. I totally agree with the shouting thing, don't get me started on Matt Maddix. He makes me feel like I am hyperventilating along with him as he is yelling and gasping for air. Another thing that really gets me lately are the far out there analogies, symbolism, or correlations where there really arnt any. And those conspiracy theories! What does Beyonce being in the illuminate have to do with anything? Lastly, that comment my pastor makes if no one response so he has to ask if anybody is hearing him and then says 'hello!' . Just some things I have noticed as I have gotten older. Anybody else have these issues?

  3. I think pastors scream/shout during their preaching because they are looking for a reaction from the audience. The more favorable the reaction from the audience the more the pastor screams/shouts. I've noticed with my pastor when he does not get a certain reaction from the church he makes a face as if to say "Are you stupid?" Then he would insinuate that we don't read our Bibles enough to understand what he is saying, and he'll start all over again. Talking to us as if we are children who are too stupid to understand what he is saying.

    I really don't appreciate it when preachers make fun of quiet people. If you're not hopping out of your seat and screaming along with everyone else they think you're backslidding or lukewarm. I really don't understand the logic behind that thinking. People have different personalities and will react in different ways. I've never seen my pastor's wife hopping around and shouting yet no one would accuse her of backslidding.

    I find pastor also use the pulpit to beat up on the church. Example: a young female trims her hair, the then pastor preaches about how uncut hair is God's glory. If you cut your hair God is no longer protecting you. Even the witches don't cut their hair. They'll scream all day about uncut hair or beards. God forbid one of the guys come to church with a little bit of facial hair "Oh sorry son, you can't play the drums today."

    Spelling mistakes happen ;) all I was trying to say was that I'm not at all bothered when you ramble or get off tangent, I find it amusing.