Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SAL Podcast, Episode 4: Interview with Roy Fisher

No, this isn't us, we couldn't pick a good picture so we googled 'Radio Interview' and found this...soo.... close enough.

SAL's been busy,  Logan just bought Final Fantasy XIV and Joel just enrolled in the dollar shave club. (seriously, you gotta check out Dr Carver's easy shave butter)

Thankfully however, SAL still had time to sit down with a close friend of the podcast, Roy Fisher. For those unfamiliar, Roy Fisher hates titles. Roy Fisher is also not the author of this here blog, so he'll have to deal with some title attributing: Roy Fisher is all of these at the exact same moment (don't ask): He's a  professor, a pastor, a patron of panoptic analysis, a postmodernist, and also a doctorate student in the Ancient Near-Eastern Studies department at UC-Berkeley where he studies social memory and identity construction in early biblical interpretation. His formal, bestowed title is "Dissident Apostolic Intellectual." Long story short: He's the Dude, man. And also know that Roy hates us right now for listing all that but we couldn't help ourselves.  But beyond all this riff-raff, know this: Roy was Joel's dear professor once upon a time.

Also, couldn't find a photogenic photo of Roy gracefully teaching Joel the word, so this should do.

And so but like, Joel made a grievous error and forgot to properly locate the podcast participants within the world of social media.... But if you folk like what Roy has to say then follow him on twitter, because he's going to be launching some cool ideas/projects in the near future regarding his bricolage efforts vis-a-vis the apostolic movement (this will make sense once you listen to the podcast)...

Roy's twitter: @RoyalFisher

And as always: @ltmiles is Logan. And @stuffaposlike is the generic brand.

Anywho, the boys talk about some pretty deep stuff below while Logan sits in the corner and plays with a yo-yo.

P.S. Roy is not to be confused with this guy.

Or this guy.


  1. Loved this week's interview. Roy Fisher's pacifist worldview is completely contrary to my own personality (fight the power, man!) - but by operating on a different plane, he truly challenges one to reevaluate the entire reality we've constructed not only in the UPCI but in what our perceived responses should be to the events and personalities surrounding us. Thought-provoking stuff. (And I personally love the nerdy, philosophical drudgery topics like these and would be happy to hear more of it.)

  2. This, this right here....(beyond the whole pride i'm feeling for the compliments about the podcast)

  3. I am actually quite curious to know more about believing in Evolution and being UPC. Is this essentially saying evolution is correct, but it is all because of God? Or more of the idea that parts of the theory of evolution such as natural selection is accurate? How old do you believe the earth is? I mentioned this to a fellow UPC friend and she actually was just thinking about this topic that day and wanted to discuss more. Is there a place where I can find more info on this or would you consider doing a podcast on this topic? Thanks!! =]


    1. Erica,

      It's been a while since I've been engulfed in the subject of evolution so I'm a little rusty. But regarding God and creation.... there usually are 3 camps for believers-

      1) Theistic Evolution (Evolution is true and it's the process that describes how God created the universe).
      2) Intelligent Design (Evolution is mostly true, but there are some things within the evolutionary process that are too impossible to be explained through evolution alone and thus an Intelligent Designer tweaked the evolutionary process here and there)
      3) Creationism (The Bible's creation account is accurate and true. Of course there's even a minor disagreement about old earth vs. new earth creationists)...

      Outside of that I would love to do a podcast much more about this and there's a guy i know who would be a great guest for precisely this kind of thing. It may be a bit, but i'm sure we'll get to that topic eventually.

      Also sources:

      there's many other websites out there but I hope that's a start.

      Thanks for the input.