Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SAL Podcast, Episode 5: Music and How It Drives Us Crazy

Just saying you all look really lovely tonight. Every one of you. And I'm not just saying it. I really mean it. You are all ridiculously good looking....

And yeah we're a  week late, but here is our fifth episode of the SAL. In this week's episode we shoot the bull about the ongoing  love/hate relationship Apostolics have with music.

 We ponder how in the world all those risque, erotic Christian songs get made, and just how many teaspoons of Satan there are in each secular album. And also manage to throw in a Home Alone 2 and Ghost reference for the cinema-minded audience out there.So please join us as we fight the fight of the good guys without the actual fighting part.

Most importantly,.... our next podcast will have special guest and fellow heretic, Slapastolic... which, yeah.... that's happening...

And now here's your link you adorable audience you....


  1. I bought a linen suit like those brothers are wearing. No gay pink suit or dorky ties for me, though. #ApostolicMan

  2. "shirt." "No gay pink shirt."

  3. Someone in the audience asks Kawehi, 'Play a Christian song." Kawehi" The end of her set she said, "turns out I don't know any Christian songs..."

  4. i'm late to listening to this episode, but logan wins all the points for his arrested development reference near the end. actually, take that back, joel gets some points for having a more preferable taste in music than logan, and for that whole john brown incident that i actually remember hearing about all those years ago.

  5. geez...kinda taking a while for more updates on the blog...kinda going through withdrawals here people!

  6. Have you guys dissapeared in action? You leave me wanting more podcasts/posts/writing