Sunday, August 28, 2011

#242 - Calling Contemporary Worship Music "Jesus Is My Boyfriend Music."

Wow. It's been a minute since I've lifted my fingers to post here, but, in an attempt to go back to that old landmark, and since we're talking about praise & worship, I figured I'd throw in my $0.02 (which actually costs more to produce than it's worth but . . . ah, well. Take it up with the US Mint.)

In this conundrum we Aps have found ourselves in, this bitter divide between old-school and progressive (or shall I say "stick-in-the mud, divisive, legalistic curmudgeons" and "bitter, emergent, liberal compromisers"?) one of the many scads of issues up for grabs in an attempt to define who the Real Apostolics are is music.

The more the music reminds you of them old time days, them days when C.R. Dinkleton (because all Real Apostolics have two initials before their last names) would preach up a dusty storm in the buggy heat and tarry in the brush arbor, the more likely you are to be ready when that trumpet sounds.

The more the music relies on acoustic guitar and the lyrics include silly references to Jesus as a lover and wonderful savior who kisses the earth and rains down His warm and fuzzy mercy and mushy grace and blessings, the more likely you're on your way to you-know-where in a you-know-what. Or at least on the road to compromising. And ooh, Lordy. If you're a Real Apostolic, you wouldn't want that. No siree.


  1. The song that comes to mind is:

    I want to sit at your feet
    drink from the cup in your hand
    lay back against you and breathe
    feel your heart beat

    I get the first line, sit at His feet, but then it gets a little weird. Drink from the cup in His hand? Lay back against Him and breathe? I'm probably thinking of it too literally, as I'm sure it just means that I want to partake of the things He has for me and also I want to be able to relax in His presence. But if I think about it literally while we're singing it at church...I get sidetracked.

  2. Wow, that's a great example. I do prefer the contemporary stuff, personally, but I gotta admit the lyrics sometimes get a little too touchy feely, hence "Jesus is my boyfriend." LOL.

  3. @Singer... We call that one the chubby girl's worship song. "drink from the cup in your hand, eat from the bag of fritos in your lap..." HAHA