Sunday, February 1, 2015

#283- Men's Underwear

We have become a denomination of TMZ nonsense. Our  most famous ministers:
-Lee Stoneking knows how to put makeup on and believes God judges people by how long the strands of their hair are. (yes, I admit the cliche)
-Jeff Arnold here, here, and if you want commentary: here

Our most famous youth pastors will be getting a salary of 30k for the rest of their life at best. And of those hundreds of QVC-like Apostolic salesmen who do what they do because it gives them the rare space to play dress-up, only a dozen or so will preach at some event beyond their local youth rally...

Unfortunately one of those dozen happened recently:

Apparently, there is an epidemic of sorts among the males of the UPC. And this epidemic is as "query as can be." And all I was thinking was, can you imagine a day-care worker or business owner caring as much about his/her's clients underwear as to discuss their underwear out in the open.....

 So in lieu of writing an overly long diatribe and pointing out how far the preacher in question has steered from the Cross (he's obsessing about underwear), I'll instead present a monologue against one Nathaniel Haney....

*Rant can be downloaded. Consider the audio a mini-podcast*


  1. That snapchat was for YOUR eyes ONLY Nahanial!!

  2. I know Nathaniel Haney and was once very involved with his church (I have since moved to a different city). There is not a preacher I know of that is more focused on the cross. All I see here is he was making somewhat of a joke while commenting on how the lines between male and female in our culture have been becoming more and more blurred. This really should be taken within context of the full sermon.

    1. Even within context, the fact that he has created an atmosphere of homophobia and paranoia in his home that his son has to hold up button down shirt one by one and ask if they look "too homosexual," shows exactly what kind of person and father he is.
      What does a gay shirt look like? Is a cutaway collar "too gay?" What about a spread collar? Can it have a placket? What about a monogram? I'm just curious how a piece of clothing could be gay. Unless it's got rainbows or purple triangles I'm confused.
      Context or no context, that level of insecurity with his own sexuality, to the point he's assigning a gayness level to his wardrobe, tells me there's a whole hell of a lot more going on here beneath the surface.

    2. I'm not sure anything can be said to the writers behind this blog that could possibly convince them that they have could have made an error in a post such as this one and the proceeding one. Regardless of whether you believe this is right or not, from a completely objective perspective, I do not think that creating a satirical or serious critique of any minister is creating disunity amongst the body of Christ. I would love to discuss this more in depth with you, me, and Pastor Nathaniel Haney via telephone conversation if you wouldn't mind. Simply to make sure that a unity amongst the brethren is kept and so you can personally ask him some questions yourself regarding any kind of confusion you might have encountered in the brief (no pun intended) excerpt from one of his sermons.

  3. I once was a member of a church where the preacher preached against women wearing pajamas (they might look at themselves in the mirror and think "I look good in pants!"), and after that I stopped wearing pajamas and started sleeping nude.