Monday, May 31, 2010

#159-Your Church's version of Morgan Freeman

So some of you may not watch movies much. I don't. But within the motion pictures that I have had the opportunity to observe in the past, one actor will arise within these motion pictures from time to time. His name is Morgan Freeman (pictured above). And basically he is always playing the really really really good guy. Like the moment you see him on the screen your heart will be attached to him whenever you see him on the screen. He is so good in fact that I find myself thinking "I hope it's not Morgan whose the traditional black guy who dies in this movie."

Basically Morgan's role in every movie he play in:

-First he will have an awesome narrator's voice accompanying the story ( I think I saw a facebook group that was defined as "I wish Morgan Freeman's voice would narrate my life.)

-He's an old, wise black sage who never complains and always comes across very humbly, and seems to always speak less than he really knows, but yet when he does speak, you know it's like the voice of God has spoken (so much so that Morgan Freeman has played God in a couple of movies and you didn't get mad about it)....Ultimately he's so lovable because he is content in all his ways, and will be the hero of the movie's helper and aide without desiring the bigger spotlight.

Examples: The Bucket List, the Dark Knight, Bruce and Evan Almighty, Million Dollar Baby, Driving Miss Daisy (personal fav), Amistad, Glory the Shawshank Redemption.

But what does it all Mean?

From what I can tell, God has providenced that at least one of these Morgan Freeman types to appear in every church across the world. 

They do all the work. Especially the dirty work of the church. They seem to posses the most profound wisdom in the world, but have really taken the "be slow to speak" proverb to heart and thus never verbally showcase their wisdom as if it was a full house in a game of poker. Yet this silence makes them appear all the more enlightened. The Morgan Freeman of church is always willing to help anyone and everyone no matter the hour or day. Never a complaint. Always a helping hand. 

And here's the sickest part about them: They NEVER EVER WANT THE RECOGNITION! For goodness sake, one of the Morgan Freeman's of my church does most of his work in the wee hours of the morning when no one else can see him....he doesn't need a sign up sheet to help clean up. He's just there.

I can recall 2 of these Morgan Freeman giants in my childhood at my church. I once recounted to my mother at an early age that these same two characters would no doubt be at the left and right hand of God....

And I don't think I was that far off...."those who will be last will be first."..."the Son of Man did not come for other people to serve him, but to serve, and to give (Mk 10:45)..."

And I can't tell you how many times I have been silently grateful to these Morgan Freeman's in my life, without saying a single's like my words are not worthy to complement such remarkable people. The disconnect between a mere complement and the amount of service these servants of the church have given is wider then the Grand Canyon. And as one of those Morgan Freeman's of my childhood passed away this past year, I don't even find myself regretting it not extending the verbal thanks. Because I now realize the kind of thanks they would appreciate....Would be for me to try to serve as they have served the church, for they are serving after the perfect model of Christ as servant....

(apologies for the seriousness of this's something I have been wanting to write for weeks now, but have not found the proper analogy of the church servant until tonight when Driving Miss Daisy came to mind)....


  1. I actually enjoyed this post. It was positive, and made me consider the wise mentors in my church.

  2. Just wondering how you managed to visit all the churches across the world to find that there was a Morgan Freeman in each of them>?

    This post is doomed, lol...while it is one that I would finally applaud, it is not the kind of fun that your readers enjoy, none of your base will be comfortable with the subject matter.

    Hopefully I am wrong and it will go over well.....and this will be the first kind post I have come across.


  4. @ T R I wonder how it is that you are familiar with the entire "base" of this blog... That said, love this and the other posts. It does make you think.

  5. Please go away TR.

  6. Keep them coming we are up to 5 posts now. One sarcastic from me, two mean spirited from that hurtful person john wallace. And one from anonymous, that I didnt get....great job.

  7. and one angry one from ironically chuckles. Now that is funny.

  8. Alright alright. I'll just let you guys go.

  9. Hurtful? I do apologize for reading to deeply into the name you post under. Please accept my sincere apologies.

    Please understand this site purpose: To remember to take a moment and laugh at ourselves as Apostolics.

    I respect that you disagree with some of the things that are posted here, I also do not agree 100% with what is posted but we do not need to tear each down to express our opinion.

    We should be mature enough to lay facts out and not go into personal attacks that do nothing for either argument. I know when your beliefs are attacked it is easy to take things personally but please step back and remember that we are all to seek out our own salvation with fear and trembling no post on this site is written without research and the authors stand behind what they right 100%.

    Also, if the comment does not apply to the post, please feel free to address the issue personally with any of the authors. Mr. Rileys email address can be found on the website as if some of the other authors. We will be glad to answer any questions you have concerning the site and its purpose. We are not here to be a distraction to your faith but to build to it and force people to look beyond. True faith, has to be able to stand the test, and should be questioned.

    Most people can't question what they believe because they are afraid they have no answers. They do not study the Word and I admit to doing the same, or worse I limited my view of what I am studying to the constraints of a man made religion.

  10. Morgan Freeman does narrate my life. When he takes vacation, Alexander Scourby speaks from the afterlife and takes over.

  11. John, Varner, and sweet Sis. Shelby. I honor the Morgans I have known. Great will be their reward in heaven.

  12. Love the Morgans I know!

  13. Morgan Freeman is on The Daily Show with John Stewart!

  14. Just because someone doesn't comment on an article doesn't mean it hasn't been read and thought about.

  15. tr, you are addicted to this site. You are like a person with a bad habit. You talk about how bad it is and you know you need to quit. But you still keep coming back. Just admit it, you love this website.