Saturday, May 1, 2010

#148-Worship Music at Altar Call

It's late, so for now I'll just go with a brief post...

I may have alluded to this concept in prior posts, and I know that we have definitely discussed how we do need music at altar call (God forbid we pray in silence and don't have certain chords on a keyboard directing many of our emotions)...but let's get to the biggest benefit of all in regards to the Worship music at the altar:

It allows us something to do at the altar when we are done praying but don't want to look like a non-praying heathen. To not be committed at altar call is to church as pedophilia is to upper-middle class suburbs. Luckily, clapping and singing to the worship song at altar call is a safe zone.

Church saints metaphorically beat your head over with a cane with their eyes of scorn if you vacate the altar premises prematurely.  

But they cannot touch you with their judgments if you are seen participating in the musical choruses which protrude from the platform. 

(note: I do readily realize that worship to the music during altar call can very much so be genuine, and not used as a cop-out of prayer. I am not mocking that in any sense. I am just saying that Worship music provides us a nice warm backdrop to welcome our descent into reality from our heavenly prayers at altar call).


  1. I think music, especially loud music provides a comfort zone to people in the alter. They can confess their sins boisterously without the fear of their confessions being heard by their near neighbor. It not only provides us with comfort but now we can look as though we are giving all we have by closing our eyes tightly and yelling towards the sky as if God has trouble hearing us over the loud noise being generated by the alter boyz/girlz.

  2. john wallace - isn't genuine repentance a "moo" point if we are repenting with an attitude of pride and fear that someone may hear?

    joy b.

  3. "isn't genuine repentance a "moo" point if we are repenting with an attitude of pride and fear that someone may hear?"

    It could be just acknowledging the reality that people are not as pure-hearted as they should be. If I'm confessing to God at the altar that I have problems with lustful thoughts, other people's reaction to this revelation might be just the opposite of what I need and might actually make my struggle harder.

    Altar call music makes it possible to have "secret closet" prayer right there in front of everybody.