Friday, July 23, 2010

#175-Not Victoria's Secret

So I haven't had a girlfriend for almost 4 years now. And there is one main reason: I can't stand for that awkward moment when walking in a mall and walking past a Victoria's Secret store with your girlfriend.  How do you act when giant 8 feet cut outs of models  in Victoria's Secret's window displays are seductively staring at you implying that you can have them via your girlfriend/wife looking like them when they buy the lingerie within? Do you put your head down and walk briskly on by as if those women mean nothing to you? Sure that's the right response, but it also implies a repressed lust you have that if you were to take a peak you couldn't contain yourself? Or do you take a quick peak as if to show you are not afraid of what is before you and then by not having a reaction outside of a possible laugh you show the temptation is for naught as you will not be swayed by such consumerist propoganda because all desired beauty is found in the one you are with (which may or may not be a misleading statement)? Do you look rather and make a comment of scorn and shame at what is coming of this age?

What happens when the gf asks that dreadful question, are those models prettier than me? It is for such a crisis that I opt to not go to malls with prospective mates.

But for the aposotlic the question is not about a potential dating crisis. It's much more of one of morality. Malls are one of 2 safe places for apostolic youths to hang out these days. They devil house (movie theater) and the sporting event idolizing men and not God are dirty no no's (but they both come with  a "shhhh, don't ask don't tell theology as well).

So us youth are left to the mall, restaurant, and in some circles the bowling alley. And considering the Apostolic infatuation with fashion and materialism, malls serve us well. Except for that demonic store of Victoria's Secret. Definitely a conflicting paradox that we more often than not choose to ignore.

I know of one Apostolic apologist who in her books has gone so far as to denounce shopping at Victoria's Secret if you are unmarried because when an apostolic girl wears such lingerie she feels a sense of sexuality which is not healthy. Likewise thongs are painted demonic as well for the same reason (even if no one sees the thong, a girl feels all "sexy" inside when it's worn). I find such a stance fascinating, but refrain from further comment.

I also would like to mention Victoria's Secret is responsible for one of the great material ironies of our day and age. They have introduced a clothing line (that are not necessarily immodest) called "PINK" but in this brand name, many of the clothes are not actually Pink in color, but rather are various colors and all have the word "PINK" written loudly on them. I stand confused everytime I see this.....


  1. God made us sexual creatures and we are to enjoy our sexuality Within the Covenant of Marriage. We have been taught rather than to embrace or sexuality, we must hide it, be afraid of it, its evil and we must live in condemnation because of it. In truth this has not stopped fornication, adultery, lust or any of the other sexual sins in the church. This has created a culture of secret, hiding, living in shame for something that God has created to be beautiful and perfect (WToCM).

    You'll then hear the cries of those opponents that voice we must hide it, preach against it, be ashamed of it to avoid the flesh and sexual sins. But as I just mentioned, all this has done is created a culture trying to manage its sin, rather than give it to Christ. There are some incredible books teaching young people about their sexuality, why it is important and how to give it to Christ and wait until marriage.

    I guess what I am trying to say is its silly to walk around with your head to the ground because there is a beautiful woman on a poster trying to pretend she doesn't move you when she does (not slamming you at all, been there). The question to ask is then where is your heart when we look at the VS model, does it go to lust and then we must hide and be ashamed or is our conscience free of shame and condemnation in Christ that says yes we can see her, she is beautiful, but we don't need to lust after her because we are free in Christ?

    The idea is here is not that we have a license to sin (Romans), but that we don't try to manage our sin, and pretend we don't have issues, and instead give them to Christ and learn to live by the renewing of our minds, changed from the old man way of thinking and looking at things.

  2. lol!!

    Whatever you do, don't hide your face. She'll peg you as 'guilty' for all of eternity ;)

    Any self respecting woman would appreciate her boyfriend to casually walk by such advertisement without making an obvious attempt to look or not look. Just stroll, and keep chattin' with your lady friend. =)

  3. Any woman who asks this question in need of self confidence (What happens when the gf asks that dreadful question, are those models prettier than me?) because the answer could be yes. lol I'm not trying to be degrading, but there is a reason that that VS model was chosen to be one. And then said gf gets all huffy when bf stares at the model to verify. lol Pentecostal women (and women in general) should learn to be either comfortable with their self...or work on changing it. As for the VS wear or not to wear, I say as long as a woman KEEPS it a secret, who cares?! lol

  4. Riley, you are a trip! NO woman would look as good as those giant Vickie Secret posters in the mall unless they had the same photographer with equally good cameras/lighting/makeup/clothing. Not to mention photoshopping the whole deal to take out every imperfection and enhance other "stuff!"

  5. So is the correct answer to "are those models prettier than me?" "No dear. I could photoshop you to look just like that."