Saturday, July 17, 2010

Notes about yesterday...

Alright, so the power at my house was taken away by the gods of wrath and discomfort two days ago in a storm. This would explain my absence in the comment section of the previous post about homeschooling.  And I am now using my friend's computer, of which I have only a few minutes to use it. There is a comment policy up which I assume many of you have seen. One of them says comments will be allowed as long as they are not "ad hominem" personal attacks. Thusly, argue about the content, not the identity of the one leaving the comment. To participate in ad hominem attacks does nothing but make ourselves feel better at the cost of angering and offending and verbally abusing those who we are arguing against.

That said, doing a quick scan of the comment section of the previous blog I saw a few that either bordered on being ad hominem, or were deliberately ad hominem. This is not acceptable. I will do a more thorough read of the comments and delete as necessary when I get a chance to do so either tomorrow or Monday.  However, this does not account for my inability to properly assess the comments in real time. I apologize. I really had no idea things were getting out of hand as they did. But at the same time, the conversation has been fascinating and has brought up valid points from each side of the argument that I have never considered before, and thus in spite of the evils we have seen, I do believe the good of the conversation outweighs the negative.

In the next two weeks, I am not sure how much computer access I will have because I am housesitting without a computer. However, I am also low on motivation for writing good posts. So if you have any good post recommendations be sure to email me, and if it makes me excited enough I will run up to the library and post it.

Also, look for an explanation of a theoretical "theology" I am working out that better explains the views of the posters of the site.

I love you all. Be warm and merry, and be of good cheer.

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