Saturday, November 14, 2009

#94-E-Mail forwards about naive and/or dying children, courageous soldiers, and how atheists are kicking God out of America

I don't understand this phenomenon and it's been around since the beginning of the internet...

Basically all these chain e-mail forwards look like are old geocity websites made into an e-mail complete with a handful of useless GIF images of angels.......

As referenced in the title, all these chain-emails revolve around is either

  • A story about a child dying with cancer whose life can be saved by every e-mail you forward, 
  • A cute story of an innocent child having a distorted perception of the world that makes you say awwww (such as a child giving blood to someone in need but thinking the giving of the blood would actually kill the giving child).
  • The dangers of universal health care.
  • A story that quotes a letter from a soldier in Iraq about how sick the soldiers are of the liberals who hate George Bush and how appreciative the soldiers are of support and how they love America.
  • A story about how a law is being proposed that will take even more prayer out of schools, God out of the pledge of allegiance, how Obama is a socialist, and how the Founding Fathers wanted everyone to have the holy ghost, and how the government is trying to ban bibles everywhere.
  • A completely illogical argument about an atheist professor bullying his students only to be completely embarrassed. (quite similar to the equally false story about Einstein calling his atheist teacher out about Evil being the absence of God argument)
In response to these E-mails you are asked to show your support for either dying children, childhood innocence, America, the American flag, the soldiers who risk their lives in Iraq, and God. You are to offer such support by forwarding the e-mail to an X number of recipients.

If you do not forward such e-mails you are supporting cancer, killing children, supporting terrorism, and hating God. If you are not the solution by forwarding the stories, you are part of the problem by not passing the stories on.

But really what all this amounts to is that there is a giant conspiracy theory for God-hating democrats to take over the world and they do this by killing as many soldiers as possible by allowing terrorists to roam Iraq and America freely and also kill as many children as possible by forcing them to stop praying in school and start receiving universal health care that in reality gives them cancer and autism by all the needles that are given through this universal health care.

And all of the above make the e-mail forwarder feel that it is their sole responsibility to save America and God by obeying the forwarding demands of the e-mail.

It does not matter if the stories are completely made up (who cares about, we are going to believe them true and thus allow these e-mails to create a false sense of paranoia in our lives about the ever-increasing reality of the destruction of God in our century....and we're going to do our part....Just click Forward to everyone in your addressbook....

What I ultimately want to know is who is the creep writing these emails? What sick and twisted condition are they in to actually get a kick out making up a story about how Janet Reno thinks Christians are in a cult  Who thinks of these things? And will the world actually explode if all the email forwards stop?

And if you are one of those e-mails forwarders who spends your mornings and afternoons dropping off and picking up your kids from school, and in between you are reading and forwarding stories sent to you from your Aunt Martha who really thinks all the internet is good for is for e-mailing forwarded advice to you is, please stop....

There is nothing worse than having to take a few seconds out of each and every day to open up a forwarded e-mail about some missionary who is in a prison from some foreign government and to scroll down and to see that if I don't witness to my friends about this missionaries story, then I will find out that when I get to judgement day I will find out that God stopped forgiving my sins....


    This is a GREAT post!!! LOL Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true!!!
    BUT you forgot the guilt ones like, IF you are REALLY my friend, I know I will get this back from you!!! Soooo that story about the athiest teacher and Einstien aren't true?!?! MAN!!! That is SUCH a bummer!!! I ALWAYS got chills EVERY time I read that story...LOL.. Anyways, this reminds me that I have A GREAT forward that I just sent out that I should send you!!! ;)