Saturday, November 28, 2009

#100-Halloween and Sleepovers: Giving apostolic females an excuse to pour make up on your face

Okay, I could have opened up my facebook to any teenage apostolic girl's profile and find at least 10-500 pictures of her dowsed in make up at some private gathering.....but i don't out my facebook friends like that...

But I am sure each one of you has the same kind of friends...use those friends and the pictures I am describing as your frame of reference....


But for adults in the world, all Halloween is becoming is an excuse for adult and/or teenage females to dress like whores. Whether it be a the whore nurse, whore angel, whore witch, whore high school student, or whore pirate...All of these costumes are popular amongst the secular ladies because they provide the minimal amount of clothing to be required by law without being cited for indecent exposure. They usually entail an incredibly short skirt, a low hanging top, and some terrible whorish looking leggings/stocking...Of course to top it off, all of these costumes entail Hooker Boots.

Well, our fight for apostolic identity has fended off these demon costumes for the time being. However, our ceremonial Halloween contradiction comes in the use of girls thinking it's suddenly okay to douse themselves with make-up (devil's paint). As if Halloween was the one day a year where the Holy Ghost made a voluntary exit out of our lives all for the sake of having a good time....

Please understand, I am not a legalist when it comes to make up whatsoever (my sister wears fake-up (cover-up))...I just find it laughable when girls who think it an absolute sin to compromise their facial integrity to the devil's paint, think it permissible when others aren't looking or with the Halloween exception....

More popular in our ranks than halloween as an excuse to wear make up, are sleepovers...

Where girls tempt the whims of fate and break-out their secret make-up kits all in the name of good clean fun...They tell their parents that the kit is the teenage equivalent of kids playing "House" or "church." But what really happens is a giant game of "How hot would I look if I backslid?"  

And usually the answer is "Not very hot"....because if there is any genre of female who does not know how to put on make up or understand the concept of moderation and restraint when using make up, it is the female apostolic. 

The Horror
Now someone somewhere once said that Girls will be girls. And I understand that. Girls like to have their moment in the sun and Halloween and sleepovers are one of those moments.

And I am completely understanding of this....But my one question is...

Why in God's green earth do you need to post pictures of these "moments" on facebook? 

You wouldn't go to church or walk out in public with the make-up what is the difference between making these pictures of your girly time public for your facebook friends to see?

I am wholly convinced that it is getting to the point where people aren't dressing funny and putting on a horrendous amount of make up anymore just for the sake of having a good time and laughing at each other. Rather, girls and guys a like are dressing funny and putting on a horrendous amount of make up just so they can get their cameras out and take dozens of narcissistic pictures and post them on facebook just so other people can see how good (or ugly) they look when they put on make up....

Speaking of which...

Ladies, stop with the duck face:


  1. What do ya mean by the duck face thing?! I for one do NOT think it is legalist to be AGAINST makeup...LOL!!! And yeah, I know what ya mean though about people postin dumb stuff on FB though!!! Like I had a friend that posted a pic in a tank top and I was like OKAAAAAAAy are ya TRYING to get in trouble? Rat on yourself? Or are you just plain RETARDED?!?! OH or people posting pics of themselves like making out...I AM LIKE HELLO!!! Its ONLY the World Wide Web!!!

  2. Oh and I posted a comment on the post below!!! I am finally back...LOL

  3. Welcome back Mary! The duck face thing is featured in the last picture of the article. It is another word for "Kiss-face." It is a popular picture taken for facebook by females for some mysterious reason which only the gods know of.

  4. THANK YOU!!! :) Ooooo the kiss face!!! Aha!! I know that face!!! I only make that face when I am ACTUALLY kissin someone or something(NOT guys!) LOL Like in this post-
    Check it out!!! LOL

  5. So confused to exactly what or who you are kissing then Mary?

  6. Anonymous, she is referring to a love of a red corvette....It would behoove you anonymous to follow links when they are provided because they may just give a context to an otherwise mysterious confession.

  7. We don't have to look as far a a growing majority of the purses of Apostolic women ... filled with blush, eyeliner, lipstick and other skin-tone cosmetics.

    The attempts to make it look "natural" does not cancel out the hypocrisy we attach to it when we say one thing and do another.

    There is not a single verse one can point to for this extrabiblical prohibition that was never part of the orginal Articles of Faith of the UPCI ... this was added in 1954 by a vocal minority that hijacked the org we love.

  8. sorry for not clicking on the link. I am lazy and if it does not highlite when I pass over it I refuse to copy and paste.