Friday, September 11, 2009

#35-Convincing yourself and people around you that the stuff on your face is not really make up

The irony about the term "cover-up" is that it not only covers up facial blemishes but that in many respects "cover-up" has become part of a massive "cover up" to actually convince ourselves cover-up is not make up....

It starts off covering up zits, and then sooner than you realize it is literally all over your face...but it's not make-up since of course it's the same color of your skin....

Some girls wear so much cover-up they could frost a cake with it!

And if that's the case, then why did you need to put it on all over your face?

I am not hear to throw stones at all... I am completely cool and okay with the use of cover-up and similar objects (clear mascara, bronzer, foundation, blush, clear lip gloss, clear nail polish)...If I was a female, I would be using the same stuff.....

But let's just stop pretending that we found those products that are in our purses next to the bibles in the God section of wal-mart....When in actuality we found those products in the cosmetics section amongst all stuff we call devil's paint (make-up)...and that if I were to go to someone not Apostolic, they would probably deem the stuff we use as....make-up (at best, "fake-up")...

Most credit for this post goes to my lovely sister, Rachel Riley who volunteers herself as an active participant in the massive Apostolic cover up of "cover-up."


  1. o wow the first of your blogs that I have to disagree with ... not that anyone should care but make up, is make up... whether its called cover up or concealer, I'd rather just appear plain ugly pimple faced and all than to pretend to be something i'm not.

  2. Well,
    Not to poke fun at JaNise, but if you feel that way about make-up, I'm sure you don't wear a padded bra, control top pantyhose, high heels, and whatever other clothing item may "enhance" your figure.

  3. WOW!!!
    I am like TOTALLY shocked about this post!!!
    Apostolics where MAKEUP?! Thats news to me...yeah...make up is make up and WOW the anon comment above here was just RUDE, gross and DISTURBING!!! Joel- I soooooooooo did NOT wanna know that you would be wearing MAKEUP if you were a girl...LOL Okaaaaay i don't wear ANYTHING on my face sooooo I guess you like sooooooooo ain't gonna do my idea about lip gloss...HAHAHA!!! I know, I just have brillant ideas!!! :)