Thursday, October 1, 2009

#67-Dimmed Lighting for youth services

Ah the youth room....the prize and joy of all that is relevant and casual. It is the place where we feel comfortable inviting our friends within our church. Our youth pastors are hip complete with vest and blue jeans to preach in. The music that is played is entirely recent in that it probably came from a Hillsong or David Crowder or Newsboys or Israel Houghton. But none of these things make the youth service entirely awesome and emotional in and of themselves....

It is the darkened lighting that gives the youth services it's flair and mysteriously causes the Holy Ghost to seem that much more stronger in comparison to well-lit youth services. It brings the intimacy home, and we as youth are ever thankful for it.

Is your youth group stagnant and you want it to grow? Head on over the the unofficial sponsor of all youth groups everwhere, Ikea where you need to purchase any of the pictured lights to give your youth room just the perfect amount of lighting to make you feel like you are in some hip and darkened lounge/starbucks...but yet oddly enough you are engulfed in a church service getting some God.

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