Tuesday, October 6, 2009

#73-Not Joel Osteen

This one is pretty straightforward...If the entire UPC (liberal and conservative alike) had a facebook, and if facebook had a "dislike" button, the first thing the UPC would collectively dislike would be Joel Osteen's facebook. And then they would probably make a facebook status about how there is more to religion than happiness....

But in reality such a fantasy world does not exist, so we settle on 3-5 minute mini-sermons (or full sermon) in church on how there is sacrifice and trial in Christianity, and happiness here on earth is not God's end goal for us (Heaven is). Therefore church should not be made to make us feel good about ourselves, but should make us better Christians and better witnesses. This will then be followed by a rant against "soft Christianity" (or some other similar term will be used), and then Joel Osteen, MegaChurch Pastor extraordinaire will be referenced as an author of this "soft Christianity."

Most of the time this mini-sermon will have some title spun off of Osteen's book, Your Best Life Now which most likely the pastor nor members of the congregation have actually read, but all assume that it's content is near heretical complete with vague hints of the prosperity gospel, salvation outside of Christ, and mentions of how erratic his wife's behavior can be on airplanes as she beats the snot out of airplane stewardesses.

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  1. If I may, I suggest Wilkerson's "Anguish" clip that is floating around the WWW.

    Olsteen has mastered one corner of this Gospel, but has left the rest behind his back. I'm not sure the pulpits should attack this man, as much as his misleading doctrine. Christianity is not for the faint of heart, it's for hearts that pant.