Thursday, October 1, 2009

#68-Breakout Services

Okay, that picture has nothing to do with breakout services, but this is the infamous Charles Finny of 1800's preaching fame. His picture came up for some reason when I Google searched images of "breakout services." So yea...

But there are many facets of the breakout service that we can enjoy, much of which will remain unspoken as not to offend all.

But we do always enjoy the shouter in our congregation who let's us know the Spirit is in the the sound of a trumpet before going into battle, we know the shouter is signaling the call to get ready to get a downpour of God with possible dancing added...

The question is now, will this worship service become a breakout service?

As the worship gains momentum through either the worship service or during a choir song, the excitement gradually builds. First it is the most spiritually consistent who join in the celebration, but you know the service has some real potential to "breakout" when you look and see the "luke-warm" or near backslider with arms raised in loving admiration to our Lord.

It is moments later that the service erupts and there is an anarchy of worship where some cry, others jump, and still more shout loudly. These are the days great manifestations of the Spirit.

Now the crucial measurement is how long these breakouts go....

I have seen some breakouts bust open like the big bang but put too much energy at the initiation of the bang and thus find itself dwindling in momentum after 10 the candle that burned too bright.

Which is of course not nearly enough time to even consider it a true breakout service whereby the Preacher chooses to forfeit his sermon in order to let the Spirit move freely...

And this is the indicator of the breakout service: Will the preacher preach?

Usually a solid 45 minute break service ensures the the omission of a sermon but that is not entirely a consistent law.

The least welcomed services are the ones that break out for a good thirty minutes but it was not quite long enough to warrant the forfeiture of the sermon which means that there was breakout worship and sermon: 3 hour church!

The other alternative of the breakout service is where the preacher mentions that God has already had his way and thus will shorten is message of a few comments no longer than ten minutes (whereby the sermon has a very casual feel that is entirely welcomed)...These sermons are like the dessert after the heavy steak dinner as entree.

And I cannot dare conclude this blog without failing to mention the awkwardness that transpires when the preacher goes to preach but there are those slain in the spirit still either laying or laughing at the altar unmoved by the preachers desire for unity in the congregation...seriously, it's so weird...we do not know how to handle it...The preacher has every right to shut them up biblically (and may be he does) , but yet that would be like invading the work of the Spirit which just leaves a bit of contradiction in our mind....

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