Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcome new readers!

To all past readers, I am happy to announce a new merger of sorts: StuffApostolicsLike is joining the ninetyandnine.com family! The site and it's staff have meant the world to me the past year. A few of you may have seen some of the writers on this site (Chantell Smith and myself, Joel Riley) write articles either on ninetyandnine or as a contributor of another blog through ninetyandnine called collideoscope.

To all the new visitors from ninetyandnine, welcome to a blog that will hopefully change your life. And be forewarned, this is not your average blog ranting against the death of holiness in our churches or at the same token ranting against the rise of legalism in our churches.

Let me explain as briefly as possible who we are, what the blog is, and some basic rules...

Who We Are:
The actual contributors right now to the site are Chantell Smith, Glen McGee,  and myself. I think every one of us is in college to some capacity including 2/3 of us being in grad school which is simply more of an indicator that we don't want to grow up yet....

What This is:
As short as possible: To remember to laugh at ourselves as apostolics and also in the process to locate our unique space in this universe through the culture we have created.

I strongly encourage and advise each of you to read the "About this blog section" that is on the right side of the screen. PLEASE DO THIS! It will stop the storm before it starts....

Also many of the topics are suggested by you the reader...so if you have a good idea that you think is good enough to hold it's weight on the site, send your suggestions to joelrile@gmail.com. Please do not get offended however if your idea does not make on here or if your idea takes a long time to end up on the site. There have been a bunch of recommendations (most of them postworthy), but that said, there is basically a long waiting line to get the topics posted.

This blog started in the waning weeks of August of 2009 as simply a rip-off (or a tribute) of the Stuff White People Like. Somehow in these brief two months, 86 posts and counting have been made, and I can say it's been not only fun but a great stress reliever.

Despite several people around me suggesting that I disable comments on this site, I have elected to allow them for the time being....

 As you read the posts you will see these topics can from time to time offend people. While this is not the purpose of the blog, given the content, it is an inevitable result. That said, if you don't agree with the posts, I welcome your criticisms to my email: joelrile@gmail.com. However should you choose to comment, please keep your comments mild, and if you choose to insult or degrade the authors (or other commenters) your comment will most likely be deleted without explanation. The slippery slope post has the perfect example of comments that I will allow in spite of the fact that some people disagreed (they did so with a respecting tone).

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite posts in the short while this site has been up:


  1. I will forever reverence and reference October 27, 2009 as "The Merger". Fifty years from now they will make dramas about this date.

  2. This blog is a very lame copy of "Stuff Christians Like" but I guess ya'll can do it better cause you are "apostolic"...gimme a break.

  3. Rules: Be respectful in your dissent, like we do all the time. So make it a "joke" and you can say whatever you want.

  4. Dear Anonymous # 1: Your statement is informed, or should I say misinformed, by the conventionalized bourgeois authorial paradigms that center on such outmoded esculatory notions as originality, creativity, and humor. Get over it.

  5. Anonymous#3: Best comment yet on this board. And for the record anon. # 1, yes, we apostolics do make fun of ourselves better than anyone else.

  6. Anonymous #1, I am too shallow to rip off of stuffchristianslike. The guy on there actually prays...

  7. Are you boasting that you don't pray? Huh?
    Anonymous #3, was your goal to sound smart? You certainly didn't communicate effectively. Furthemore, what is "esculatory? Are you saying the blog was inspired by stuffchristianslike and it's okay because the modern thought of creativity allows room for that? Please decode your brilliant remarks for us simpletons.

  8. I'm assuming I'm responding to anonymous #1 again. The response I posted was borrowed and modified from a comic on postmodernism. The point being made here is that sites like stuffchristianslike and stuffwhitepeoplelike are not in themselves original. Their origins lie in traditions of satirical commentary that go at least as far back as Greek written works and public performance--if not even further back. Making a pathetic little jab that this site is unoriginal and at the same time insulting apostolics is pointless. It was meant as a joke with a meaning, much like this site.

  9. The genre of the site is certainly not original, but don't be fooled that the name, branding and idea of the siteis simply pure mimicry. That's okay. Do your thing.

  10. Can't we just agree to start labeling our anonymous posts....Anonymous A, Anonymous B, etc....It would really make my reading comprehension skills for this post far easier.

  11. Anonymous D chiming in: Congrats on your merge!