Wednesday, October 7, 2009

#75-Feeling Led

If there's one thing that Apostolics of every stripe could feel collectively, it would be feeling "led." When we feel led, it's more than a mere normal mortal temporal human emotion. Feeling led has a touch of the divine.

Feeling Led Basics
The fundamentals of feeling led are made up of what can best be described as a spiritual traffic light which contains its own more rudimentary spiritual feelings, "quickenings" and "checks." If you feel a "quickening" in your spirit, that's the equivalent of a spiritual green light. In other words, you're feeling led to go or to move ahead with something. For example: "There was a quickening in my spirit, and I felt led to pray for Sister Betty." If you feel a "check" in your spirit, that's a spiritual red light. In other words, you're feeling led to hit the metaphorical brakes. For example: "John had been praying about his relationship with Jane. He was about to call her when he felt a check in his spirit and decided he may need to break things off to get closer to God."

It's Not You, It's Me . . . Feeling Led
However, as with so many things in life, feeling "led" often becomes a smoke screen for things that are quite removed from that original touch of the divine. Curiously, more often than not, feeling led is tied to a verbal statement. As in, "I feel led to tell you x y and z." And more often than not, some of these kinds of I-feel-led-to-tell-yous causes me to question whether one felt led or whether one wanted to have something to say but didn't have the intestinal fortitude to own up to it as being purely from themselves so added a touch of the divine to justify it.

Many of my messages received from the leading has to do with my being over 25 and single. (Click here for more insight.) "I feel led to tell you that God's gonna send you the perfect mate. Don't you worry, hun." Er, why thanks. But did you really feel led to tell me that, or was it birthed out of your own assumptions about me?

Just wondering . . .


  1. haha This is so true! Really! Just things we say without thinking sometimes. We assign Divine motive for our own. Fun to laugh about it.

  2. I felt led to go to IBC... we all know where that got me. lol