Thursday, September 17, 2009

#44-Getting Married at a young age

I turn 24 in November....this is usually about the time that I am supposed to begin to think about thinking about getting married for secular young adults across the world. The average marrying age for college graduates is 26 years old these days....

However, in the Apostolic empire, where our universe does not run by the rules of the world, If I remain unmarried for another 2-4 years (which I anticipate), the whispers will begin to swirl around that "there's something wrong with that boy." Of course being my age and being a single young adult is not nearly as scary as being a female apostolic and being my age....If you find yourself a female and single and apostolic above the age of 25, Whoa NELLY!

So here's the scoop: This whole young marriage age trend can't really be a surprising when we got all these teenage girls running around reading Pride & Prejudice and Little Women and what not, with stars in their eyes every time they see a male....See where a male sees a potential girlfriend/possibly future wife in every girl of his liking, a teenage Apostolic female sees a house and five babies in her arms every time she sees a boy.

The boy sees the pursuit, and the hand holding and the kissing and the butterflies in his stomach, the girl just sees the finish line: The nursery during church service!

I mean who needs more proof of this phenomena than when a female brings a newborn into church for the first few occasions: She is going to be flocked by females aged 12-21...and every time one of those girls gets the baby in her hand her head is spinning with visions of the time that it will be her actual baby in her arms...And she would prefer that moment sooner than later: YAY YOUNG MARRIEDS!

Okay but seriously, it's weird enough to be 23 and living in my parent's house. I can't imagine being one of those countless young Apostolic couples who got married young without a way to support themselves...and having to live in a parent's house....but this is one of the prices Young marrieds will be when we emphasize purity (and thus get married young instead of fornicating) over responsibility (who cares if we have money if we have each other).....


  1. I highly doubt that the problem could be "not having enough money." Maybe more like not knowing how to manage the money you do have.

    Even if you both are only making minimum wage, you should be able to get by just fine, (unless you have lots of loans and credit card debt, which shows some poor decision making in the past). And I feel like I have every right to say that, because my husband and I had a few months in that situation, and we did fine. No, we didn't get fancy night outs every week, but all our bills got paid, we always had food in our fridge, and we never even had to touch our savings, in fact, we still made enough to add to them.

    Furthermore, I paid my own bills all throughout college while working a part -time minimum wage job, with just one room mate who also paid all his own bills and worked part-time. If this situation is manageable, then so are the financial trails of a young marriage.

    TRUST ME, if a couple is living with parents, there is something more going on than getting married before they found some top-notch corpie job.

    1. how did the children couple know each other

  2. gosh I just wrote a blog about this like 2 days ago... I thought it was just me... I called these young marriages a deadly epidemic that seems to be spreadly rather quickly lol.. of course marriage is a far off for me I'll be one of the few apostolic ladies married at 30 or 56 lol thats find with me !!

  3. Haha, my cousin is now 31, and for years it's been circulating that perhaps someone needs to intercede on her behalf because she's a secret lesbian. it's just not natural for a woman to graduate from college and not get married asap! Women who take their time to get on their feet? Not real apostolic women. Apostolic women are usually married by 23, at least that's how it was in my old church. They encouraged everyone to get married by the time they were 21, so they could resist temptation to fornicate with their partners.

  4. Keep in mind.. most people in their early to mid-twenties are still partying and running around. Some people just skip those years. No reason to be jealous that some people have found their life partners early and you're still alone. Maybe if you weren't so bitter? ....Nah.

  5. I so know what you mean, i grew up Pentecostal and most girls are all married by the age of 18 or 20. Im 21 so i guess its still a good age for me, but 22 is looking pretty close. Guess ill have to find me a husband soon :)

  6. I found this extremely sad but true...I am 21 and people keep thinking that something is wrong if you arent dating or married...why cant we just do what the Lord wants us to do first? why the big jump to get married? People forget that marriage isnt all about you had better have your head on right when you do tie the I choose to let God decide when its time for me to be linked to someone..marriage is forever..being single isnt.

  7. I'm almost 33 and a single female. Gasp. My Pastor's wife said it's time for me to start thinking about settling down. I work full time, attend school, and teach Sunday School. What do I need to settle down from?

  8. Thank God it is not so for all apostolics but it is however sad. Is it a criteria that christians must be married? No! It is better to marry than to burn yes, but we do serve God better when single. That is from the word of God. Live your life! Enjoy being single and use this time to draw closer to God! If and when God sees it fit for you to be in a serious relationship and eventually get married, He will send that person to you.
    Do not be pressured into getting married. It is a serious committment that should not be taken mere. This is why so many christian marriages are ending in divorce. Its time for us to wise up! God bless...