Thursday, September 3, 2009

#15-Breaking up with a boyfriend/girlfriend to get closer to God

The most endearing cop-out in Christianity to date: "I want to have time to focus on God, and if it's meant to be between us then I know we will get back together in six months to a year."

Of course that above line is compromised the moment the person who was broken up with finds another possible future mate, so the person who wanted time to "focus on God" becomes bitterly jealous and goes in full pursuit back to his Ex.

Here's the thing, when a person uses God as an excuse for breakup, they not only show their immaturity (because mature people learn to balance their dating relationship with God), but in most circumstances, the one whose doing the breaking up does secretly have their eye on another prospective mate...

And here's the secret to all relationships ( I know it's a tad long but it's really good and it will save you much confusion in future relationships):

" What we know about love is still largely out of our control. For instance, infatuation. This is supposedly the first stage of falling in love, an unbearable attraction towards someone. This attraction causes a virtual explosion of nuerochemicals very similar to adrenalin. Assisted by Phenylethylamine (that speeds up the flow of information between cells), dopamine (that makes us glow and feel good), and norepinephrine (that stimulates the production of adrenalin), make our world go round, our eyes sparkle and our heart beat faster. Our entire existence then depends on the sight of the person who triggered these reactions to begin with, and as the addiction to the chemical grows stronger, our attraction becomes greater. At this stage we commit foolish mistakes which are the stuff puppy love stories are made of. Actually it is these three chemicals that combine to give us what we call infatuation. We feel we are energized, often floating on air…and the reason why people who are just falling in love can talk for hours on end… (the same person becomes boring at a later stage." (source:

This infatuation stage can last anywhere from 3 months to a 3 years, and once the brain chemicals have balanced themselves out and the infatuation is over, and the mate is not of interest anymore, just break up with that person. If the infatuation stage is over and you still love the person, marry them.

Don't bring God into this and cause more confusion and dishonesty than is really necessary when in reality your brain stopped processing the brain chemicals that were necessary to stay in love because your brain decided that this person was not the one who you want to marry. And there is my rant for the moment.


  1. I've never been in a relationship... but yet I love this blog !! :P

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