Tuesday, September 22, 2009

#56-The Notebook

The Notebook was to the UPCI what the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was to Japan.

If someone wants something to blame for the secularization of Pentecost, blame the Notebook. If someone wants to know where the revival went in their church, blame the Notebook.
If someone wants to know why that girl they are trying to date is so fickle all the time, blame the Notebook.
If someone wants to know why so many people in the UPCI wanted to advertise on TV all of a sudden, blame the Notebook.
If someone wants to know why the divorce rate is so high in America, blame the Notebook.

I am assuming everyone is either familiar with or has seen the Notebook...if you have been blessed enough not to see it, let it remain that way...

The Notebook was one of the main driving forces to why many young females have vastly overinflated expectations for what a relationship is suppose to be. Because of the Notebook some of these expectations for relationships now include but are not limited to:
  • Driving into a wooden fence to save your relationship
  • Having the guy want you so bad he will climb a Ferris wheel at a carnival for you
  • Making out in the pouring Rain
  • Lying down in the middle of a downtown mainstreet in the middle of the night without getting arrested for public intoxication
  • Making out in a rowboat surrounded by geese
  • Dying at the exact same moment
  • Alzheimer's Disease and/or dementia
  • Love conquering aforementioned Diseases of Alzheimer's/dementia
  • Buying Dream House
  • Renovating Dream House for the memory of the love that was lost in hopes that one day it will be reconciled
  • Making Out even more
  • Having 365 love letters written to you without you returning a single one
  • Learning to float about the city together on a magic floating carpet
Okay, so I added the last one...but you get the point....the girl's ate this stuff up in the movie....some guys even ate it up too and cried during it (if you are one of those guys, shame on you)....And the best part was the movie was only rated PG-13 so it was kind of okay to watch (since it was not rated R at least)...nevermind that there was nudity and sex in the movie itself, we can overlook/forget about that if the movie is good enough (which this apparently was)...

Seriously, when this movie came out, it had to have been a good 18 months after the fact that Apostolic girls would have sleep overs to watch this movie again and again which only led them to end up talking about which guy will be their ryan gosling, which led them to going to bed to praying to the Sweet Lord Jesus to send "the one sooner than later."

Sufjan's Christian Song for Sufjan Stevens week (see post #53):

Seer's Tower (So Hauntingly mesmerizing):


  1. Just curious, I wasn't aware that Apostolics liked to watch TV. Why?

  2. So glad someone else hates this movie! I wanted to rip my hair out and run screaming into the sunset!