Thursday, September 10, 2009

#31-Covering ladies' legs who are slain in the spirit with suitcoats

This is one of the most intriguing topics to me....

So here's the rundown:

We're all at the alter at the close of a powerful service and one of the ladies who has really been getting good with God all service passes out at the alter apparently slain in the Spirit.

There are three kinds of reactions to this event:
1) The people who keep on praying with their eyes open and keep on trying to catch the lady who is slain in the corner of their eye (but act like they don't see it)

2) The people who just stare because they can't figure out what exactly is going on (I will put myself in that category)

3) The guy who runs up quickly, takes his suitcoat off and covers the female's feet who is slain in the Spirit. (it's always like the same 2-3 guys who do it too!)

The process of step three leads to many questions:
  • is there a competition amongst those 2-3 guys who are always doing the covering to see who can cover the most female feet?
  • Is this a secret ministry within our church (feet covering)?
  • I understand that it seems to be about modesty (the suitcoat covers immodesty), but I have never actually seen someone who is slain in the spirit who is anything close to immodest. At most we get some ankle, but no more. Is this really what we should all be in a hurry to cover up?
  • Is there a verse in the bible that I am missing that discusses this ankle covering with suitcoat?
  • My last question has to do with the picture I found on Google (picture above). If you notice, the ladies who are slain are being covered in sheets (not suitcoats)....and there is a lady who appears to be going around doing the covering with the sheets....Apparently the being slain in the spirit has become so popular at their church that they have developed a leg covering ministry (even though it's clear most in the picture don't need it).
  • The above point leads to the most important question, at what point do we stop the "being slain in the spirit ankle covering ministry" because it starts to resemble a "tucking someone in for a nap" ministry which is completely unacceptable at the alter?


  1. very funny lol, at my church we have purple fabric near the alter just in case someone is "slain in the spirit"

  2. I would like to address your third question. Perhaps you have never seen anything hugely immodest due to the speed of those suit jacket coverers!
    Just a thought!

  3. This must be followed up with the rather controversial subject of dancing in the spirit!

  4. We have a slain-in-the-spirit-prone lady in our church - and when I start seeing her sway and eyes roll back in her head my prayers and supplications go up that someone PLEASEGOD someone will cover her. It's bad. Not sure about the influence of the Holy Ghost in that situation, but ... who am I to judge?

  5. Often peope on the platform have a different view of those who are on the floor (same level) as those who are slain. If you have an elivated musician looking toward the audiance and slain folks with the bottom of their skirt towards the alter, then stuff can been seen...not good.

  6. LOL!! Seen this so many times and it's hilarious!

  7. Anonymous above, this is a very valid point I have never considered. Thank you for this insight.

  8. I laughed so hard, I started coughing. Thank you!

  9. I once saw a visiting lady in pants get slain in the Spirit and couldn't help laughing as someone obligatorily covered her bifurcated legs! Hmmm...honey, why do u cut the end off of the ham? Momma always did.

  10. I will admit this is a strange practice. The problem I have with being apostolic is that we "adopt" many things without wondering where the heck did this come from? why do we do it? Is it even biblical? THe only time our church did this was when a lady who was not saved received the holy ghost and fell out on the floor.. she was not wearing a bra and had on a low cut shirt, she also had on a short skirt...obvious need to be covered..great article..

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  12. I'd like to share a true happening that occurred to me a few years ago. I was watering down the dirt infield of a softball field using what is called a Rain Bird (an automatic, plug it into the underground waterpipe and watch it go professional type of water sprayer). It was a windy day and wind makes the spray go everywhere but where you need it to go so I grabbed onto the Rain Bird and began directing the spray by hand. As I was doing this, I began to play around a bit by moving the Rain Bird back and forth thereby making a sort of "s" in the sky with a stream of water (I'm sure most all have done this at some time or other with a garden hose) and as I was doing this the sun hit the water just right to cause the stream to look like a rainbow (the myst coming off the stream of water, not the stream itself so no, I do not believe it was a supernatural phenomenon). As I began smiling at the show of colors I thought about the Lord and His promise (the rainbow) to never flood the earth again with water and as this was happening some words came to mind, "See, it is true. There really is gold at the end of the rainbow." The rainbow I was looking at had one end ending up in the sky but the other end of the rainbow was at my feet; I was standing at the end of the rainbow. Was it the Lord speaking? I believed it was, but how can I prove it really was Jesus and not a counterfeit voice? By going home, opening my bible and confirming or refuting that voice by the use of scripture : Job 23:10 "But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold", Rev 3:18 "I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire ...", Zec 13:9 "And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried". I hope the lesson comes through and is applied, always and for everything. The Bereans did this and they had not committed blasphemy of the Holy Spirit just because they did not take the apostle at his word but rather, they went to scripture to make sure what was said was the truth and doing so pleased the Lord.

  13. Why cover the person who is already modestly dressed? It's COLD on the floor. Some thought I was shaking under the power of the Holy Spirit but I was shivering from the cold floor.