Tuesday, September 1, 2009

#3-Standing in Parking Lots

It's 10:32 PM on a Friday night and the weekly culturally relevant youth service is out. What to do now? Well we don't go to bars, and most everything else that we can go to is closed including cafes. We don't want to leave each other to go home to our lonely world of reading each others Facebook pages, so we elect to let our gospel testimony be seen by standing in the parking lot outside of church. We don't just do this on occasion, but we stand in parking lots a lot. We're really good at it because it doesn't cost us money and we get to do what we would do in restaurants which do cost money: TALK!

The worst kind of parking lot standing for Apostolics are those death-stands where we try to figure out what restaurant we all want to eat at which results in getting nothing done except agreeing to disagree and not doing anything about it. Most of the time we spend more time arguing about where we want to eat in the church parking lot than we do spend at the actual restaurant.

The last note of Apostolics and parking lots is that standing in parking lots has quite a correlation to Apostolic dating relationships. There is parking lot dating wherein two soon to be star-crossed lovers begin "talking." The best way to hit the Apostolic gossip mill of whose "talking" to whom is by asking who is seen talking to each other in parking lots as everyone else drives away.

On the same note, one can find out what relationships are in trouble of break-up when well-established couples also stay later in parking lots than everyone else.

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