Thursday, September 3, 2009

#11-The Fauxhawk (Fo-Hawk for the illiterate in french pronunciation)

Otherwise known as the Fake Mohawk. Everyone knows that Mohawks are an apostolic no-no. The mohawk began with the punks in the late 70's and early 80's and a strong philosophy for the punks was anarchy which in Apostolic eyes means open rebellion.

But let the trend die for a quarter-century, and it's guaranteed to storm back in some way, shape, or form this time in the name of going "retro." And when the mohawk came back, it came back in a somewhat cleaner form that we call the "fauxhawk." It was like the mohawk converted to Christianity, but it still wanted to maintain it's kind of individualistic identity.

Instead of being outwardly rebellious, the fauxhawk was on the fringe of rebellion. It was not quite the boyfriend a girl would want to take home to dad, but it was not the kind of boyfriend that a girl would be rumored to be backsliding if seen hanging out with.

Naturally this created a lot of confusion and grumblings when the fauxhawk started debuting in recent years in Apostolic circles. Was it okay or was it not? Was it rebellious? Or was it just a fashion trend of the day similar to the Caesar cut circa 1999? I think we all had a bit of a shock the first time one of our friends who listened to pop-punk came into youth service with it a couple years ago.

Now adays, the fauxhawk seems to be pretty much mainstream with minimal negative connotations. But back in 2005, hell was breaking open over it.

Credit for this article goes to one of my friends up here in Michigan, Ashton Patterson.

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