Friday, September 4, 2009


Have you ever woke up and thought “How can I look pompous AND ridiculous at the same time?” Pentecostal guys have. And then they put on a bow tie.

The allure of the bow tie transcends most of our understanding. From what I can tell, here is how it started: Creepy Circus Clowns– Pee Wee Herman - Tucker Carlson - Andre 3000 – Kanye West – Every ‘fashionable’ Pentecostal guy.

The bow ties were out in full force at this year’s Youth Congress, including one Colonel Sanders shoe lace tie that may just be the next big thing.

I’m a little aloof as to the appeal of these things but one can’t deny that if you’re a Pentecostal guy and you’re not wearing a bow tie, you don’t know avant garde fashion.

Interesting coincidence – since the explosion of the bow tie trend in the UPC the “how to tie a bow tie” videos on youtube have quadrupled in views, because let’s face it: no one knows how to tie those stupid things.
Even stranger is that every Pentecostal guy purposefully ties their bowtie awkwardly because they watched the GQ “How to tie a bowtie” on youtube which claimed messy bowties were stylish.


  1. Let it be known that the views expressed in this blog do not reflect those of the co-author of this website (myself), as I myself tend to dress "silly" on occasion complete with bowtie around collar.

  2. I love your Blogs they are so true..... if only I had to guts to state the truth I would have started this genius idea to write about "stuff apostolics like" a long time ago lol keep posting!!