Monday, September 7, 2009

#21-Kings of Leon

The Kings ofLeon: Similar to the fascination with John Legend/John Mayer. And if you were lost in some God forsaken corner of the world, here's the scoop: They were once Apostolic! And that means they are free reign for us to listen to. Nevermind that Kings of Leon's lyrics are downright sacrilegious at times and at other times promoting sexual promiscuity and a lifestyle of debauchery.

Since they were once Apostolic, we find it completely acceptable to talk about h
ow big of fans we are and how we can hypothesize about the subtle spirituality in each and every one of their songs (there's real potential in "Sex on Fire"). We can all recall how we know someone who knew the Kings of Leon when they were "in church." And we also love telling our friends that their 2007 LP "Because of the Times" was named after and ripped off of the Pentecostal of Alexandria's annual conference by the same name.

We see their status as former-Apostolics to be a completely rational selling point of our movement to our fellow listeners who are "lost." Never mind the fact that their status as former Apostolics conveys to the world that the truth Apostolics claim to have didn't work for them and that their life in the world has only netted them success and acclaim--church testimonies from the newly converted over the next year will surely include references to "Use Somebody" as the impetus toward changin
g their life for God.

Most of the above was either written or inspired by Chady Hosin

The climax of the weird infatuation Apostolics have for Kings of Leon occurred on the last night of Youth Congress when rumors were abound that Kings of Leon would be attending the Friday night service at youth congress. Never mind that they were scheduled and did end up playing in Chicago that very same night (and therefore impossible for them to be there), we were all that naive to actually believe the Pentecostal-Kings of Leon bond was that close that they would stop by at Youth Congress to pay a homage to their religious roots.

SOAPBOX-Guys Aha shake heartbreak and Youth & Young Manhood were so much better than that poppy light junk in their past two albums (BOTT & Only by the Night). Stop pretending like this is somehow one of the best rock bands ever. They have gone soft to appeal to the ladies. Sure it's nice being able to relate to females over taste in music, but is it really a good thing when we are agreeing over Kings of Leon?

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