Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#7-Church Drama Teams

Nothing conveys the message of salvation better than a drama set to a popular Christian song.

Drawing our material from the usual suspects like Lifehouse or Hillsong, we believe that getting a bunch of reluctant youth to dance or play out a silent drama will lead to any lost souls feeling so convicted they immediately run to the altar.

While it's true that most of the dramas, owing largely to the clumsy nature of their choreography and time restraints put on the story by a two and a half minute song, are incredibly offensive to the world we're trying to save, we can only hope that they, like us, won't actually pay attention to the odd and disorganized message the drama is actually conveying.

C'mon, it's loud music, emotionally charged, awkward high schoolers, and happy hands (white gloves with a black light are the best!), just get saved already!

The above comes from Chady Hosin-

I would just like to add in that these dramas are getting downright creepy at times complete with masks and black gowns/capes to represent the bad guys (I don't even think Satan is that scary!).

I assume that the same people who would scare all of us in children's services when we were kids telling us that there will be a rapture one day and if don't live right we will go to hell (which I still have nightmares about) are the same people behind the growing trend of really creepy drama skits in church.

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