Thursday, September 3, 2009

#14-That song that compares God's love to a sloppy wet kiss

AKA "How He Loves Us."

I remember in the summer of last year my friend telling me to listen to the Kim Walker version "How He Loves Us" and I was stunned at how cool Kim Walker's voice was and how awesome the song was. And soon the youtube video made it's way around the circuit. And we all secretly grew teary eyed and all warm & Fuzzy inside when we heard a song that stated more than most songs we had ever heard, Just how much God loves us.

And then we all saw the video of the guy who wrote the song and how the song came about and we cried against and felt all warm & fuzzy in our heart again.

But lo and behold, it was not long when the song started making it's way around to be played at youth services and rally's alike and as any new thing introduced into Apostolic church, someone is bound to raise their voice in protest....the line "sloppy wet kiss" was just too much....

So every time we heard the song, we wondered if the soloist on the platform would sing the uncensored version of the song or the radio edited version that replaced the words "sloppy wet" with "beautiful." It didn't really matter, we were bound to let the song carry us to feeling God's love quite emotionally and intensely.

And then congress happened, and they played it two nights in a row as the focal point of the service before the actual be determined is whether the double playing of the song was the parting funeral for the song, or just the song at it's peak in popularity.
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  1. Love the song. Love the lyric "sloppy wet kiss." Release the artist by the prudish censorship of dignified critics.