Tuesday, September 15, 2009

#42-James Dobson & Focus on the Family

I grew up thinking this man was my uncle....at least I felt like I knew him better than I did most of my real uncles. Every afternoon my mom would have James Dobson's focus on the family radio program blaring like it was one of the original Apostles himself speaking. Which meant that for her and all of the other thousands of Dobson's fans, critical thinking was left at the door as Dobson's doctrine became their doctrine.

Dobson's program was where I learned that preaching did not have to be screaming.

It's also where I was told that America was secretly under attack by hippie liberal democrats who are trying to "gay it out" wherever possible, and that they will do whatever it takes to be allowed to "gay it out" as married couples and in public. These same God-hating communists are personally trying to see to it cause as many divorces as possible.

Dobson was the general to sound the alarm that being a Republican was a new requirement for salvation and this requirement would be the best way to punch the democrats in their lungs.

Save the sarcasm, he is a very kind-hearted man who genuinely means well.

Here's the weird thing about Dobson: I am fairly confident that he is a much older version of Zac Efron for post-menopausal woman everywhere. I really can't explain it, all I know is I have never heard a man go up to another man with stars in their eyes saying, "Did you hear Dobson today? He was sooo good!"

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