Tuesday, September 8, 2009

#26-Thinking you deserve a solo

Since yours truly has been in high spirits recently, I have decided it acceptable once again to use myself as the test case for the subject to which I am writing on.....

In the above video one can clearly see me butcher "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" by Simon & Garfunkel in ways no one thought possible. However, at the time of singing that song, I really believed that my voice matched those of Art Garfunkel as he blared his vocals through the climax of the song.

It was not until I watched this video that I realized for the first time ever that my brain was a liar, and a very good liar at that. I had thought I was a good singer, but it was really my brain deceptively telling myself I was a good singer, especially when sung with Art Garfunkel's vocals as support. Anyone can see that I hit 1% of the notes in that 60 seconds of singing, and yet I would have given myself an A just after the completion of the song..

Before this realization I was attempting to be in every solo at my church ever. I had far aspirations that God's will for me one day would be to be apart of IBC praise as I led a stadium full of youth on the Friday night of youth congress through the rocking christian ballad of "Our God is an Awesome God!"

And anytime someone won a solo over me, I would excuse it off that the choir director was playing favorites, or that the soprano soloist was just prettier than me....

whatever the excuse was, I was bitter I was not getting the spotlight, and I knew that my brain was telling me that I was really a singing sensation that could not be tamed....

At the closing of this sermon, let us look deep inside ourselves and ask, "Am I guilty of the same thing?" And quickly answer that question with, "I know everyone's just jealous, including that Joel Riley."

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  1. Hmmm, I have often wondered about this. I have had several people tell me they love my singing, but any time I hear my voice in the monitor or recorded at a church service (usually for Christmas or Easter) it sounds pretty bad. When I mention this, they are quick to assure me that it must be poor sound equipment and if it was the professional stuff I would hear that I sound great. Really? Can't the professional equipment make just about anyone sound decent? Leaving me wondering, are my friends all lying to me to make me feel good or is our church equipment really THAT bad :D