Thursday, September 10, 2009

#30-Watching TV shows online

We don't have much respect for television these days. Nor have we really ever. Simply put, television is the devil's box. We wont allow our ministers to have televisions in their house.

But lo and behold, the God of heaven is merciful, and He has provided a method whereby we can watch television programs, without actually owning a television, and thus maintain our salvation....

The miracle is that tv shows are placed online. is almost as popular for Apostolics as revolving doors are for five year old kids.

Can't turn on the Office on Thursday nights on NBC this season? Just head onto the computer the day after a show has been aired, and you can view the show in all it's glory (with even shorter commercial breaks), and not have to repent at all!

Credit for this post can go to Chantell Smith.

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