Tuesday, September 8, 2009

#25-Tucking polo shirts and t-shirts into our jeans (the Tuckers)

That would be yours truly pictured to the left. If you will notice I am dressed in polo shirt tucked into blue jeans complete with sports hat of my favorite sport institution (University of Michigan).

I am simply dressed like any standard Apostolic pastor, pastor's kid, or apostolic home-schooler would be dressed in public. Occasions for dressing as such range from going to the mall, church picnics, church volleyball games at church picnics or to try and impress other pastors, pastor's kids, and home-schoolers.

Now I have absolutely nothing against such a fashion style, in fact I feel very comfortable and in my element when I find myself surrounded by the all too familiar site of men in their mid-40's chewing a hot dog with their t-shirts/polo shirts tucked into their pants. If I were to find myself at a church picnic or church outing where tuckers were non-existent, I would immediately ponder what denomination I was in.

Apostolics and shirts tucked into jeans are BFFs.

In fact as I type this, I am beginning to appreciate the "tucker" genre of Apostolics even more as they provide a very unique and necessary spot in the grand scheme of our denomination. I don't exactly know what that spot is or what it signifies yet, but I know it's probably important.

If we want to talk about holiness standards, I recommend this tucking into blue jeans as a possible separation unto holiness ethic into the near future. We hear testimonies where girls get to witness because of their long hair, and their dresses, but the guys rarely get a chance to have such a testimony based on their own appearance.

However, I propose that if "tucking" become a point of separation in our denomination, plenty of men will be confronted 10-20 years from now with questions of "why do you dress like that?" And with all the confidence in the world we can say, "because God has called me to be separate from the world."


  1. haha..I will never bore of reading such awesome blogs lol....perhaps your next one should be able girls and the "apostolic hump" that they have to put in there hair! I too am guilty of such styles!

  2. Dude, if you really want to be called by God to be separate, you ought to tuck your sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets into your pants as well. Awesome stuff.

  3. That was funny! I just found this blog yesterday, and I have enjoyed reading it...God bless

  4. As someone once pointed out to me, you can also tell when a "tucker" has just used the restroom, since their shirt is tightly tucked and everyone else's is a little loose from moving around, clapping and praising Jesus :)

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