Sunday, September 20, 2009

#50-Denim Skirts

While completely agreeing with fellow blogger Joel on the denim jackets bit, let's keep it a hundred: Denim skirts are MUCH more integral to Apostolic female style and have been around much longer than its cousin, the denim jacket.

Without my trusty array of denim skirts, I would be a woman undone. Undone, I tell you. Most AP girls could whip out an array. To the unchurched mind, one denim skirt is enough, but Apostolic girls know better. Aww, naw. One denim skirt is NOT enough.

You've got your straight, long, ankle-grazing denim skirt.
Then you've got your just-below-the-knees denim skirt for warmer times. And heaven help you if you flash a bit of knee-cap.
Then you've got the tiered skirt.
Then you've got skirts that flare out at the bottom. These can be ankle-grazing or just-below-the-knee.

A common plus to having an array of denim skirts: Even though in your mind they're "dress down," to the secular mind, any skirt is "dress up." So you can go to work in a denim skirt, and even though you're in your kicks for comfort in your mind, in everyone else's mind, you're dressed to the nines!

Oh, and one denim skirt no-no: Either it's ankle-grazing or just-below-the-knee. Mid-calf denim skirts are out of the question.


  1. My wife owns several denim skirts and LOVES it when she can get away with wearing one to work at the bank.

  2. I love mine fact I wore one yesterday to church

  3. I used to work at a bank that I could pull off the denim skirt too! haha I changed banks and they don't fall for that lil' trick though. Boo.

  4. I was just wondering where do you buy all the denim skirts?

  5. I've heard of a mythical place where Pentecostal women in the midwest caravan to once a year called 'Shipshewana'. I don't know if it's open to the public, men or children. I think it exists in the same realm as Oz, Narnia, Mordor and Diagon Alley. I'm pretty sure you can still buy denim skirts there, but they only take shekels.