Tuesday, September 15, 2009

#41-Animal Print Clothing/Purses

There is one fashion trend that will never die amongst Apostolic females and that is animal print clothing.

At every big Apostolic event (congress, conference, convention, etc...) females compete viciously for the title of best dressed. More time is spent getting ready for these big events than time that is actually spent engaged in the event itself. The females may claim they are trying to look good for possible future husbands, but we know guys could really care less on how a girl dresses. The truth is, the ladies dress to outshine each other. Death stares make their way across the venues as one female declares to her friend, "can you believe she wore that outfit?" when the female in her head is really thinking "I wish I had the guts to wear what she is wearing."

And the winner for best dressed: Women dressed like leopards
But out of this clash of egotistical fashion sense is a small demographic that will be present in at least 5-10% of all females at every big event: The animal print skirt/dress/blouse.

Be it leopard print or zebra print, the females who ally themselves to such a fashion sense are truly more than most saying "I am woman hear me roar." This makes perfect sense in the competition amongst females for best dressed as what says "I will win the vicious contest of feminine superiority" than dressing up like a carnivorous animal from Africa that eats other animals for breakfast?

Sticking out when trying to blend in
If this hypothesis about the popularity of leopard print (or the less violent but still aggressive zebra print) is not correct then I am clueless as to why animal print clothing/purses is so popular....It's like the females, when picking out their outfits couldn't decide what to wear for church so their fallback is always trying to camouflage themselves into their surrounding environment not to be noticed....except the one problem is leopard print clothing camouflages itself in the African Savannah and not at church.

Credit for the idea of this blog can go to an unnamed source since I am not sure the person wants to their name to be outed.

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