Saturday, September 19, 2009

#47-Bowling as a social function after Youth Service

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I hope you enjoyed the introductory video which was taken after a youth rally with the bowling alley as the selected post-service social function last week. Special thanks to aaron hall on that one...

But as for the bowling...seriously, isn't it sad that the place that makes you feel dirtier than after leaving a bar is the one place that it is socially acceptable to have a youth event at?

To me the dirtiness (i.e. body odor) and confusion of the initial stages of puberty is best summed up with bowling alleys and glow bowling in mind complete with terrible music and weird strangers amuck....

And yet, "for 10 bucks we can get all you can eat nasty pizza and bowling after tonight's service. Please see the resource center for directions on how to get to the bowling let's all dive into the Word..."

But I guess if the purpose of bowling alleys after youth service is to keep you at the alter as long as possible because you dread the mediocrity of the bowling after the service completion, then bowling as the after-event does it's job...

Alright, last question: With all the bowling we do, how do not have any Apostolics in the PBA (Professional Bowler's Association)?

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  1. Okay...this is really funny the whole video clip thing at first!!! You should do more of these!!! But the bowling thing...OMW we aren't even allowed really to go to the actual allys. I am not sure why exept that I think that back in the day they were know as wild and there was a lot of drinkin involved or whatever!!! But we are allowed now to go like to these pizza places that have like all kinds of stuff in them and if they have bowling we can do that an its REALLY fun!!!