Monday, September 14, 2009

#39-Not the Council of Nicaea

If you are Apostolic then you know full well that the Council of Nicaea is almost as bad for Apostolic Pentecostals as Satan himself.

The Council of Nicaea is worse than Joaquin Phoenix's character in the Gladiator movie with Russell Crowe. If pedophilia was likened to a historical event, the UPC would be quick to cast the Council of Nicaea as pedophilia.

For Apostolic Pentecostals, the trinity is rooted not in early Christianity, but rather almost 300 years after Jesus died on the cross at the Council of Nicaea.

And at this council, a dispute rang out between Arius (and the Arians) who said Jesus was not divine at all and Athanasius who argued for a "co-equal" Trinitarian position. Athanasius won which meant that not only were Arians heretics, but anyone who denounced the trinity and would be considered a heretic in their theology for the rest of history.

All of this was then put into the Nicene Creed which put a stamp of finality on the situation...uh oh!

And that is how the UPC is hated by many other Christian denominations to this day.

And this is why we hate the Council of Nicaea.

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