Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#5-Using prayer requests as a way to gossip

Let's not act like we don't know what I am talking about in this one. How many times have we had someone come up to us (or us go up to others) and say, "hey I really need you to pray for Joel Riley (insert name), because he is going through a lot right now."

At this point, the prayer requester is searching the eyes of the the request hearer. If the hearer's eyes show curiosity, then a little less than a pry and a question will get the prayer requester to tell everything about the situation. And thus in the name of the Lord, gossip gets around. It's a flawless system. If the prayer requester is questioned about their motivation they just say "that they are really concerned about Joel Riley's spiritual health and knows that you would be a great person to pray for Joel Riley."

I honestly don't know how any gossip would get out if it was not for the church prayer meetings which at times becomes a giant grab bag of "whose going through what kind of drama." The worst of course are the ladie's prayer meetings where every gossipy prayer request is spoken in subtle but yet decode-able gossip lingo. (don't ask how i know this since I am not a woman).....

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