Saturday, September 19, 2009

#48-Half sincere worship by worship leaders between songs

Okay, in reference to the above picture, if there were such a thing as a "worship school" for worship is what a description of one of the classes would be:

Worship 320: How to Worship between Songs

The class would then discuss the ins and outs how these 15-30 seconds between songs can be either the most awkward 15-30 seconds of your life while on the platform or the most influential 15-30 seconds of your life...

So when the song ends...stick your hands up in the air and thank Jesus with all your might. Except more important than actually meaning it, is the fact that it looks to the crowd that you actually mean it.

Nevermind that when some of those very same worship leaders are not on the platform, you can see that they do not participate in worship for those 15-30 seconds between we know that the effort up there is not 100% honest (although they partially mean it)...

The worst kind of worship leader are those who worship between songs but at about the ten second mark of the worship, the worship leader half-opens one eyelid for a split second to look at reaction of the audience ...which is like saying, "have I worshiped long enough to go to heaven mommy?"


  1. Its a little difficult to know how to take any of the things posted on here. I am Apostolic, born and raised and definitely do not have the same experience as you obviously have. Do you enjoy criticizing every aspect of any kind of Apostolic church/social group? Or are you merely poking fun at your perception of Apostolic churches? Are you even Apostolic yourself? I am using those questions to demonstrate the way these posts could be taken, especially by people who are not Apostolic, and seeing as the name is attached, perhaps exercising more caution with topics and writing style would be advised.

  2. Rachel,

    I am apostolic and am making light of my perception of Apostolic culture. Please see the "about this blog section" that I have added on the right-hand side of this page (it's on every page in this site), which I have provided with your inquiries in mind. Thank you for your suggestion and inquiry.

  3. i am glad i am true to myself and know God loves me even though I wear pants!!

  4. to anonymous...God loves you even though you wear pants? how do you know that..where is it in the far as I know we are under grace right now. in biblical days, if JEsus called you out on something and you didnt listen or do it, well just read the stories. it resulted in some extreme punishments. thats why people shouldnt say I wish that JEsus was here now walking around, they may not be as happy as they wanted to be.

  5. @andrea "God loves you even though you wear pants? How do you know that?"

    I hope you're kidding. Who are you to insinuate that God does not love them because she wears pants? Judgmental much?