Wednesday, September 9, 2009

#27-Treating "being charismatic" similiar to being a democrat

I will keep this one brief: When people go liberal in their beliefs, or start losing standards, or start believing in the trinity, or start allowing darkened, romantic lighting in their services (future post), we say these people are "going charismatic."

And "going charismatic" is in no way a positive thing for us. The next assumed step after one goes "charismatic" is either voting for Obama and being pro-choice or simply stop believing in God all together.

But here's the weird thing about going charismatic: We are charismatic by definition. The term of being a charismatic church stems from the greek "Charisma" which simply means "divine gifts." Basically one is charismatic when they believe in and practice actively the gifts of the Spirit. Which we as Apostolics do so whole heartily. With this definition in mind, we are probably more charismatic than most churches that we consider "charismatic."

So I would like to make an announcement: I am charismatic.

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