Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#8-Thinking Trinitarians believe in three gods.

You know the set up-You meet someone in high school or at work who is Baptist or Methodist or some other similar brand of Christianity and this means one thing: They believe in the trinity. Which means they believe in 3 GODS (the horror!). So you scramble back to your church and talk to either your youth pastor or pastor and ask him how to approach this territorial invader (it's like he has AIDS or something)....and after being shown Deuteronomy 6:4, John 10:30, Isiah 9:6, and John 14:9,we then set these verses to memory and go charging with boldness to that heretical Trinitarian to show him the errors of his ways.

And upon being shown the verses, the trinitarian usually goes, "yeah I believe that." As the shock of the moment settles in, we realize that we had been led to believe that trinitarians were purposefully ignoring verses in the bible to believe that there are 3 Gods in heaven, and now at the moment of climax, we find out that these Hedonistic trinitarians believe God is three, but they also openly accept and pronounce God is one.

So what gives? We don't really understand it. The point is, trinitarians are not tri-theists like the Mormons believe, but yet for ease of consciousness we will go on believing trinitarians believe in 3 gods just because it is easier to swallow and easier to think we are in the right and they are in the complete wrong.


  1. They are in the complete wrong!!! What trinitarians believe is that there are three seperate persons that are one God...but the still believe in three seperate persons and they call it ONE GOD!!! They do believe in three God's they just call it one!!!

  2. Where trinitarians err is not in how many God's there are. The believe in persons. We say they are offices. Father in creation,Son in redemption, Holy Ghost in regeneration. They err in not invoking the name of Jesus at baptism. They baptize is titles. So if they baptize in the name of the father, son, and the Holy Ghost are they not baptizing in his name?

  3. who did jesus pray to when he prayed to the "father"? oh, of course it was his human nature praying to his divine nature right? natures do not, people...or persons pray. if you think that Trinitarians are REALLY tritheists you misunderstand the concept completely. it is one substance(ousia), this is difficult to understood and truly grasp, and following the tendency of most Apostolics, if we dont understand it, it must be wrong. both baptismal formulas are stated in biblical text, and i believe that a nascent trinitarianism is present in the text. no matter what side you are, you cannot honestly dispute that there is both a "oneness" and a "threeness" to God. if he is truly beyond our reasoning except for revelation, why not?