Thursday, September 10, 2009

#32-The guy who makes you worship God longer than two minutes because He deserves it

So worship song #3 ends and up walks a minister to either do announcements, offering, or prayer requests. Of course at the end of each song, a 10-20 second round of verbal worship and clapping is usually expected which more often than not is half-hearted, routine worship. And as the crowd silences from the routine woship to hear what the minister has to say, the minister looks into the crowd with either a look of intense sincerity, or a somewhat condescending grin.

The minister says something to the effect of, "I know you guys can do better than that..." (referring to worshiping), and then he continues "And I know God deserves far more than that. Let's take a few extra seconds here and really give God our worship."

This prompts the crowd to realize, "wait a minute, God does deserve all I have" whereupon more exuberant worship usually follows. Of course there are the cynical people who see this moment as getting in the way of service getting our earlier so they worship with even less enthusiasm than before. Overall the minister extends the length of worship from 10-20 seconds to somewhere around the two minute mark. Sadly, two minutes is the best we can muster for our short-attention spanned minds these days.

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