Thursday, September 17, 2009

#45-Wedding Watches

Okay, so two of my good friends are getting married this weekend(the right way...when they were fiscally responsible and of mature age), and one thing that they are doing is tying the knot complete with putting on the wedding rings at the conclusion of the ceremony...which is the normal thing to do....

Except there is a trend out there that bans wedding rings in some Apostolic for those of you who are not familiar with this custom let me explain: Some think it is immodest to wear jewelry, and they consider engagement/wedding rings jewelry, and therefore a sin. Seems logical enough I suppose....

But then comes the kicker...instead of really engaging themselves in modesty by not purchasing jewelry which can be expensive and shiny (but I have no problem with this ), these people just consider themselves modest by moving the shiny instruments that declare a couples' love from their fingers to their wrists....that's right in order to be modest these circles believe it necessary to wear "wedding watches" (which then makes the jewelry functional and therefore permissible) and not wedding rings....Which I guess whatever God leads you to is okay with me....but the bigger point:

It was January of this year and I went to a revival service while I was visiting a city that will remain unnamed.....and naturally as a single guy getting older by the day, I naturally keep my eyes open hoping that God will just break through the heavens one day with a light shining on a female indicating that she is the one for me.....

Well long story short, at this revival service, there were about 7 of these females who could all be potential future wive! This statistically is a very large amount relative to other services back home where if there are 2 potential future wives in the audience I consider myself blessed. The best part about these 7 potential future wives was that none of them had rings....

The excitement of pursuit was already brewing in my head....At no other time had destiny been so much in my favor than at that point...

And as I sat deliberating on how I would convince myself to have the confidence to talk to these prospective future wives in the service, I looked at the church population as a whole....

And sooner than later the analytical side of my brain kicked in and it pointed out one terrible similarity within those seated in the congregation: None of the women had wedding rings!!! Even the older women who were clearly sitting next to their husband and their kids were nearby playing on the pew.

Forever my soul will remember that moment whereupon I cursed the gods of destiny in my head for I realized that I had discovered the biggest difficulty of wedding watches:

You can't tell who is married and who is not married!

I sat withdrawn amongst myself that evening knowing full well that should I work up the guts to end up trying to introduce myself to one of the prospective future wives, I could end up embarrassing myself by hitting on someone who is married..........


  1. Hmmmm...I totally see the point about the Wedding watches...I am one of those Apostolics that doesn't believe in wearing them, which is why I don't wear the watches thing either!!!

  2. Wow way to knock conservative Pentecostals. I do not believe in wedding rings or jeweled watches either.

  3. I did not mean to knock them. I simply stating that wedding watches can be confusing in their purpose..

  4. Haha, I so did that! (However, a lot can be said for a $250 watch instead of a $3,000 dollar ring) That being said, as soon as said ban was lifted at my home church I rushed out and splurged for a ring for my wife! ( $450 from some random dealer on a cruise!)

    1. As soon as the ban was 'lifted'? Some of these churches act like the Saudi government!

  5. Hey I liked this post cause I mean I don't think the "Conservative" pentecostals NEED to be wearing WEDDING watches either!!! LOL I know I am cRaZy I just don't think either is necassary...Just ACT married...OMW...LIKE wow!!! Actually, I had some friends that started exchanging little bible's and I was like well, thats kinda cool, but I mean I already have MY own bible!!! Then my friends that got married did something REALLY awesome!!! They didn't exchange ANYTHING, they just got ONE big family bible and had it dedicated for their family and like that, thats what their marriage was gonna be based on and it was really cool and a lot of people I now have started doing that!

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  7. Michael if you ever try advertising on here again I will invoke the wrath of two she-bears on you.