Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#6- H & M

H & M and Apostolics go together like Zach Efron and estrogen. Okay, maybe that does not exactly work, but I am just saying that at youth congress this year, H & M could have been the unofficial sponsor.

If one wants to randomly walk into an Apostolic in public, know that the local H & M store is the secret meeting place of all Apostolics everywhere.

Now as for the mystery of a 5 year long romance of Apostolics and H & M, i have only a couple guesses. First, we know that Apostolics are ministered best through unique/intimate lighting systems, and while H & M does not exactly win the award for best store lighting (that honor goes to A & F/Hollister), H & M does offer the best combination of affordable clothing/good lighting.

The second theory is a bit more practical. We know that Apostolics have a fascination with being very fashionable and up to date in clothing styles (fashion will be a continual theme in this blog). But a lot of the times we do not have the social wherewithal to know what is fashionable because we are too isolated from the kind of culture that will show us what is fashionable (i.e. Brooklyn). This isolation leads us into two different dilemmas:

  1. In Our passion to be fashionable and unique we can go very overboard in our attire to the point that at some youth rallys and convention I wonder what circus converted to our denomination. This leads us to the conclusion that we need balance in our fashion.
  2. And this is where H & M precisely comes in. We see H & M as an affordable signaling store to tell us what is fashionable that does not look hideous. Plus H & M specializes in semi-formal attire which is perect for the young person who does not want to dress in suit & tie every church service but understands that jeans and a t-shirt is not acceptable.
The next item to discuss: H & M pants. If H & M pants are not the definition of immodest in the most sinful way, then I do not know what is. Yet no one wants to speak up.

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