Tuesday, September 8, 2009

#24-Everyone's Connected.

This picture was an absolute blast to the past....For those who are new to the game, everyonesconnected.com was a social networking site which Apostolics took over, and in essence can very well be likened to the glory days of Apostolic social networking from 2004-2006...So much to say, so little room:

First, best part-the history page where you could see who has visited your profile and locate potential stalkers/future spouses.

Second-The complicated learning curve to understanding EC. It was a giant playground, and therefore quite messy. One was never sure what was going on. The worst was checking for updated profiles and never knowing what exactly was updated at times. I learned to enjoy the chaos that EC became.

Third-The newspaper section where all things controversial were discussed freely.

Fourth-The wars with the british people who hated the Apostolics for taking their social networking page

Fifth-the inevitable funeral that occurred as people slowly made the transition to myspace and then one day everyonesconnected was changed to Ubuti? which was even messier and more confusing than EC was, so most of us simply just gave up on the site all together

But it was a fun ride, and I still have friends that I met over EC. What memories do you guys have? (I realize I did not do this post the justice it deserves).

Credit for this post can very much so go to Ashton Patterson.


  1. I loved EC! And I made some great friends there too. Now, I'm Facebooking it... and hating the drama there as well! :~)

  2. Oh how I miss EC! I lost alot of great pics and blogs... but I made a lot of friends from there.

  3. Soooo... I met my fiancé via EC...

    Someone I went to church camp with met him on EC and she "introduced" us. We started sending each other ridiculously long messages and talking on the phone, and after six months, we met in person. Unfortunately, we lived 1,000 miles apart. The only fix? A huge move for one of us!

    He moved to my state and after over a year of living in the same 5-mile radius and attending the same church, we got engaged :) Thank God for EC and my matchmaking youth camp friend!

  4. This is probably the best everyone's connected testimony that has and ever will exist!

  5. Why was the plug pulled on EC?? There was never any official notice, was there?? Ugh!

  6. When the Apostolics "took over" it stopped being a Social Networking site and became a crusade - this drove the original members of the site away (who were largely neither Christian nor American). The founders then tried a revamp which was worse than the original site and even more left. With falling membership advertising revenue fell and the site died.

  7. It's a shame - caption competitions used to be awesome. You don't get that sort of thing on Facebook now do you? You do? Oh, well nevermind.

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  9. HAHAHA, I remember this site! Hilarious. I was on Facebook at this time too, when it was first released to colleges outside of Harvard. I remember having the pentecostal friends on EC and then my other college friends were all on Facebook. I started the first ever UPCI Facebook group until it got taken over by trolls and I gave it over to someone else (thank God... it was too much work to moderate). Then eventually pentecostals migrated to Facebook when they released it beyond colleges (sad days for many of us). Ah the old times... LOL
    I remember how EC would tell you when someone viewed your profile. There was a girl who didn't like me at church that would always show up as stalking me even though she didn't like me. Weird and creepy.
    I believe someone created another site called Everyone's Apostolic after that and charged people to use it. I had some friends on it but I thought it was ridiculous and stupid. Years later all of those folks got Facebook accounts. For free.