Thursday, September 3, 2009

#9-Anne of Green Gables

I remember being a kid and going to various church mates' houses on Sunday Afternoons before service, and you never knew what to expect. Would the family be the kinda "secular" family who openly watched Television in their house, had no problem with their children watching PG/PG-13 movies and always had the newest violent toys such as G.I Joe's or would the family be one of those "super Christian families?" The super Christian family was always defined by by three commonalities:
  1. Potpourri and other scents that made the whole house smell like a giant bathroom dowsed in deodorizing spray
  2. If there was a boy in the house, either lego's or the Hardy Boys book series would be the modus operandi for entertainment.
  3. The massive collection of VHS tapes that composed the entire Anne of Green Gables series being displayed on top of or around their "monitor."
How many conversations have we witnessed where Anne of Green Gables is brought up and every teenage female who grew up Apostolic immediately blushes at all their memories spent in boredom with Anne of Green Gables being their one escape into a simpler time where we could be led through the vast imaginations of Anne Shirley.

Now why the show resonated so well with Apostolics is pretty easy to figure out....Apostolic females were Anne Shirley for the most part. Or they considered themselves Anne Shirley on their best days with both Anne and Apostolic female living a life of isolation seperated from culture with only that one friend (Diana Barry) as our lone companion in this cruel but beautiful world.

This topic was recommended by Chantell Smith who posits that, "If you're an AP girl and haven't seen or read the series, you're missing a star on your crown."


  1. So funny. Next to our 'monitor' we also had the Sound of Music-watched that like everyday. Also we were allowed to watch 'not rated.' Including Peter Sellers' the Pink Panther and Breakfast at Tiffany's-nothing sketchy there :)

  2. "Apostolic females were Anne a life of isolation seperated from culture with only that one our lone companion in this cruel but beautiful world."

    I love this quote. I lived this quote (with the movies, first, then when we went to a church where movies weren't okay, with the entire book series...and then the movies yet again as we moved to, yet again, a more permissible church). What a perfect observation.